Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Another Manicure Monday... Manicure Makeover!

Happy Monday Loves… Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!
Did any of you get an opportunity to RELAX, SHOP, or watch Football? Seem like everybody in my circle was either at Target shopping the Philip Lim Collection or watching Football. As for me, I relaxed on Saturday until my daughter had a dying so-called emergency. Then on yesterday I went to church and relax for the remaining of the day.

Instagram Image - Sitting on my Mom's porch after Sunday Service enjoying: ME TIME!

Anywho, Manicure Monday is back and I'm SUPER excited! 
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Ok, so for my Manicure this week as seen posted on Instagram 

Wet N Wild White & Party of 5

As of yesterday I did a little “Manicure Makeover” by utilizing these Nail Art Stickers Tattoo. This go round I used the NFL Falcons stickers that I purchased a while back at the “Dollar Store”. Being that the Home Team the Falcons won the game on yesterday against the Rams I decided to support them by applying the nail tattoo to my already manicured nails.

Whelp, they lasted all of 1 hour well maybe 3hrs at the most. I happened to look down at my hands and the stickers tattoo’s had already came off of my nails. I’m not sure at what point they came off but they were off. My experience with these were totally different from the KISS Nail Art Stickers…  

I’m thinking maybe since these are considered Nail Tattoos instead of Stickers that it’s makes a difference.
I guess they were FUN while they lasted… but I’m glad I paid only $1! J  

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~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion  Polish


  1. I was missing y'all! But, I know how life can get. Glad to see this back up!

    1. Glad 2 B Back! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Good looking nails. I wish I had the talent to do such but eh, it died somewhere between freshman and senior year of college.

    I relaxed most of the weekend and did a bit of shopping.

    I saw those Target posts all over the web. Just another Jason Wu type of situation.

  3. I need to find some with Patriot's logo on them.

  4. Booo falcons *ducks head* Love the nails I actually got mine done again but I am not loving the color looks bright.

  5. Pretty nails!! I did a little Target shopping!! Glad your daughter is okay!!

  6. love it those falcon nails are hot!!!

  7. Cute NFL logo for the nails.....I watched a few games

  8. Yay!!! Manicure Monday is back! I had been looking for it! You need to come do my nails.

  9. I love your nails. Very classic! But I can't with the Falcons nail tattoos...the Falcons period. Sorry, I'm a Greenbay Fan. Sunday I watched only 1 game...

    But I didn't even think about going to Target. I'll just wait and see what's left over...or goes on clearance. There was no way I was getting up that early. And again, your hair is too cute!

  10. Your nails look great. I love it. Lala Lyn.

  11. I got to do a little shopping over the weekend. I also treated myself to a pedicure! One of these days I'm going to do my nails so I can link up with you ladies. Your nails look great!

  12. Oh snap! Now I gotta get my nails did...

  13. I love Wet n Wild Nail Polish, it has been around a long time and can compete with the best of them. I gotta read this month's...last month's...oh heck my 2012 Essence magazines!

  14. Oh dang I missed adding my mani! These are so cute tho and it sucks they didn't even make it a day...LOL!