Monday, April 11, 2011

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. ----> Faith Is Needed All Lynn's Life Yah!!!!

Ohla, everyone... by FAITH I have FINALLY decided to start blogging!!!! I have been battling with this decision for quite some time now. In the beginning, which was the first of the year 2011, I was going to start a “Journey about my daughters” being that I have a Senior child that’s  due to graduate in May of this year and a 8th grader that will be headed to high school next year. So, I wanted to blog about their milestone years. Then it came to me that I already Facebook enough about their lives. So, I put the blog-loving idea to REST. Then it came to me again while in conversation with my husband about expanding my “Basket Bizness” by starting a Online and Mobile Accessory Boutique Shoppe where I will sell "Fashion Accessories" online as well as deliver locally. The initial plan was to start blogging on April 1st... but, who was I kidding??? My PC crashed so that became the BIGGEST April FOOL’S Joke in my life. I finally put my PC in the shop and got it repaired so here I am BLOGGING. As of today, Monday April 11th marks a new day and a new venture… my blogging journey begins as I have decided to commit myself to blogging about my “Obsession with Accessories”, “Fashion Finds”, and my Journey of starting my Online and Mobile Accessory Boutique Shoppe!!!!
Please bear with me while I embark on this “New Journey” that is set forth….

Patience is virtue… I’m not PERFECT and GOD is NOT finish with me yet.

Okay, Okay, BLAH-BLAH let’s not get over excited let’s just hope that I can be half as good at blogging as I am a Wife, Mother, and Daughter!!!! ~wink

Thanks for stopping by and let’s have some FASHION FUN!!!!

~To be continued~

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