Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Step in my Stilettos…

Just in case you failed to read the link to the right that tells you all “ABOUT ME”… allow me to RE-INTRODUCE myself:

My name is Efie Lynn and I am proud to announce that I am on a mission to start my own “Accessory Boutique” named: LA Lynn’s. I have had a “Passion for Fashion” every since I was a toddler! I believe that fashion is a self expression and tells a story of who we really are. My fashion story would tell you that I have a love for accessories, handbags, perfume, and of course shoes! My Passion has grown an extra mile and my heart beat faster at the sight of “Fashion Accessories”… so, my Passion for Fashion has developed into an “Obsession for Accessories” over the years. I love shopping and searching for great deals which includes finds at boutiques, department stores as well as thrift stores. So, I’ve decided to turn my “Obsession with Fashion Accessories” and my “Love for Shopping” into a business so that I can enjoy doing what I love all while being able to help others get the BEST QUALITY and the BEST DEALS… which is my main focus!!!! Lastly but not least, I am a devoted wife and Mother of two wonderful daughters whom both have inherited a unique sense of style of their very own.

My “Fashion” Style: I am a true believer in the saying… Fashion fades and Style is forever. So, I like to dipple and dapple in what’s HOTT, Trendy, New, and Old (Vintage). As far as fashion goes, I'm not afraid to try new things and am very open when it comes to mixing and matching pieces. I can't really describe my style with one word. But, if I had to sum my style up in one word I would have to say: Confidence”. I approach my wardrobe with the confidence to take something old and add new accessories and make it look like a totally new outfit. I really never plan an outfit as you can’t really plan your day… I always wake up in the morning I thank God for a new day and whatever mood I’m in usually determines what I’m going to wear. Sometimes, I may feel in an upbeat mood and choose something color-funky, when I’m feeling DIVAlicious I put on my DIVA-Stilettos and then other times I’m feeling more laid back and throw on flats!!!! Then let’s not forget the rainy days when I just want to rock my rain boots and jeans… Oh what a scene.

Although, I absolutely love COLORS. Just so we are clear... I heart the COLOR P!NK with a PASSION!!!! To sum things up about me I just try to wear what makes me comfortable and strive to be the BEST me that the CREATOR chose me to be!!!!

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