Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

I may be a day late but I would still like to wish everyone a HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!!!!
Webster defines the word resurrection as: the act of rising from the dead. Such act many of us may be able to relate to. However, there are some people that find themselves walking among the dead and/or sleep walking. But, it is TIME to wake-up!!!! I have been extremely busy this past week that I may have been among the dead. Just this past week, I had my wake-up call and realized that I was just existing and throughout my existence I came to understand that not everybody who started this journey with me are compelled to make it to the finish line with me. What I do know is that God didn’t bring me this far to leave me. Therefore, I am comfortable in knowing that I can walk in greatness because I am destined to do so. With that being said my past week journey was super busy and super blessed… which consisted of: A Trip w/ my hubby to New Orleans, My Baby Girl 14th Birthday, My Senior Child Prom, A New Hair Do for Me, Women of Purpose Fashion Show, and Lastly, but NOT least Resurrection Day celebration w/ Family & Friends! I’m such a lucky girl. Oops, that’s a understatement... I’m such a “BLESSED WOMAN”!!!!
I would like to share a few pictures of the HIGHLIGHT of my trip to New Orleans aka Awlins as we like to say in Georgia:
So Good Accessory Shop!!!! ~Every girls dream~
  My Favorite color P!NK & ZEBRA theme...
Accessory Heaven!!!!
 Hanging Out w/ the hubby on the balcony of our Hotel... it's such a blessing to be married to my FRIEND! 

To TOP the night off... the NIGHT CAP consisted of some WINE for the NON-ALCOHOLIC drinker in me w/ a nice PLUSH ROBE to SLUMBER in the comfort of The HOTEL MONTELEONE SUITE at the French Quarter.


Smoochez... *MUAH*


  1. Congrats Efie! You know, it is never too late to come into God's glory! I think He is excited about all His chiren who finally "Awaken" and stop merely existing. I too walked in the very same shoes. I noticed a post on Easter Sunday, as all the many people celebrate Easter Sunday for their oen reasons, but the one post in regards to the many post which stated 'Jesus Lives' simply inquired..."Yes, Jesus Lives, but does He Live on the inside of you?" Powerful~

    I am new to blogging but I want to wish you well in your endeavors and I am indeed a supporter!!! Carla Jones~

  2. Hey CJ,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and most of all thanks for the encouraging words!!!! This is my new baby!!!! I will cherish her and take care of her as God see FIT!!!! I am walking by FAITH & NOT by sight.

    Efie Lynn