Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's NOT always about me!

I love for EVERYTHING to always be about me but as I grow older I realize that it is NOT always about ME! YES, you read it right... It's NOT always about ME! 

I was invited to a Verbal Slick "Live" event which consisted of Spoken Word, Comedy, and Music Fanatics all in one show. However, the main feature was: Ms. Julie Dexter and if you have never heard of her please be sure to check her CD out at  

 I was truly tired (can't you see it in my eyes) from being on the GO all day. However, I agreed that I would still make the event to show my love & support for others that are on business journeys because it's a known fact that you get back what you give out... so each chance I get I try to support others especially WOMEN IN BUSINESS because we are making history and thriving at being She-EO's!!!!

I know if I FALL... GOD got my back & will be there to catch me!

Checking the time... show started at 9 o'clock it was like after 10 pm!!!!

Lord, knows I'm TIRED but I have to remember it's NOT about ME!

My Sister Friend Soso of Soo Soo Tasty Cakes... check out her website:

I got a BOOST of ENERGY once I tasted a Soo Soo Strawberry Cream  Cupcake!

Women on the move: Soso of: Soo Soo Tasty - LaTobia of: Sassy Posh Events and of course yours truly:
Lynn of: LA Lynn's   
Kim Salaam of Diligent Hands she has skills... be on the lookout LA Lynn's will be featuring her REAL SOON!

Diligent Hands at Work

Brooke's Closet was in the building... some may know her via her blog:

Brooke's Closet brings so much FLAVA to the accessory biz with her creative hands. Be sure to check out her website at:

My hands are in his hands as he gives me strength to move even when I don't feel like it! 

Walk by FAITH & NOT by SIGHT!

Seriously, I LOVE this Handbag & the versatility!

I am STRONGER than I realize & I'm standing on SOLID GROUND!!!!

After a night of good fun... I can say it was well worth it!

Dress: Sanai Boutique
Shoes: DollHouse
Handbag: Nine West - gifted
Accessories: LA Lynn's
Learn to support others as your gifts are your gifts and what God has for you it is for you. Sometimes the same people you come in contact with such as strangers can be God sent. Be VERY careful how you entertain them as God sends people your way who may be able to offer great advice. You just never know who may be speaking on behalf of God. These may be people you trust or distrust.  Either way, do not allow pride to stand in your way of listening. Sometimes, we miss what God is trying to tell us because we do NOT listen. There's no harm in listening... what you do with the information is solely up to you but wisdom can come from the most unlikely sources and when it's least expected!

I thank God for those he bring into my life to bless me and I know that I am BLESSED to be a BLESSING to others!!!!
I can truly say that I understand that it's NOT always about ME!!!!


  1. Giiiirl if you don't WERK that outfit. You know you are color blocking with that clutch, which I love


  2. @Tammy, Ooooo so is that what it is... ok, ok, school me then chica!!!! I thought I needed more colors for Color Blocking but I'll take it as is!!!! *Thanks Girlie*

  3. I love your outfit, love the yellow with the blue, fab combo!

  4. Loving the colors and that shade of blue looks amazing on you!!!! And it's so true you gotta use the gifts that God has given you and as you use them He will grow them!

  5. Wonderful colour clash. I love the deep blue and the yellow together. Magnificent.

  6. You looked Super Gorg! I love that dress girl! Very pretty! Love the blue and yellow hun!

  7. I am loving your outfit girl!! You look so cute in blue! Looks like you had a fun time. Nothing like wonderful treats! Love your words! You are right it is not about you or me but its about JESUS!! I know I strive daily to empty me so that God can fill me with Him!! It is not easy because of the constant battle with the desires of the flesh but I pray for this. Thank you for all of your sweet comment! Kiah

  8. LA Lynn! I Love it girl! I love the color combo and I gotta have that purse!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks Ladies, I must say I had fun with this outfit and pairing it with my FAVE handbag was a added bonus!!!

    @FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" - You almost made me SHOUT!!!! We going to be having BLOG Chuuuuchhhh... lol

  10. This is the cutest outfit. Love the color combination...and the bag..Love it!

  11. No you don't need more colors to color block this is great. I love anything with a cutout in the back so I'm really feeling this one.

    ...and yes it is a blessing to be a blessing to others!

  12. Blue is definitely your color. You look so pretty and happy and I have to say I love that clutch in yellow…You’re so fabulous!

  13. Love the dress....sooo cute AND that bag (that would make me do some color!
    That was an important lesson for me at one time.....Not All About Me! Happy to say I got it. It is indeed a blessing to be a blesing!

  14. Now THIS is how you show support for others! Wow, what an incredible lineup of talent!


  15. Happy 4th of July...stop by my blog I awarded you a lovely blog award.

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!!!! That dress is BAD and that purse is FIERCE. Now following. FOllow back:

  17. Loove that dress and clutch.

  18. How beautiful is the cobalt blue dress. Is it the one you tried on at LC's boutique? I need that clutch. Did i miss where you purchased it? Your baby girl is your twin with good fashion taste :) Cheers!

  19. Thanks lovelies... *MUAH* XOXO to each of you!!!!

    @Kerissa, Yes, this is that dress from Sanai Boutique & the cluctch was a gift on my birthday last year. Thanks for such a sweet compliment! :D

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