Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bag Lady… what’s in yo’ bag???

The term “Bag Lady” ALWAYS make me think of none other than Erykah Badu song:

However, Blogger: Chic Therapy challenged her followers and bloggers alike to: Take pictures of their bag and the content and then give details in a blog post.

So, here goes…

This picture does this handbag NO justice...

The Bag: one of a kind Leather & Snakeskin WristTalk by Cepada… I absolutely love this bag because it can be used as an everyday bag, church, shopping, party and/or play! It’s PURSE-FECT (PERFECT) and can be accessorized with any outfit! Btw, there will be a follow-up post in a few days that will give you a inside look and scoop behind Cepada as she just recently opened her new boutique... Sanai Boutique

The Content

Bills: Some paid & some unpaid… $$$$
Deodorant: Never let ‘em see you sweat!
B&BW Lotion: I can’t stand ASHY HANDS!!!!
Lip gloss: I don’t wear LIPSTICK & Chap Lips are a BIG NO, NO!!!!
Chewing gum: I’m addicted to chewing gum… no smacking ALLOWED.
Dental Floss Pick: Can't get caught with meat in my TEETH!   
Keys: There are many locks in my life that I hold the key too.
Perfume: Gucci & Juicy Couture travel size… choices of smell good is REQUIRED!
Hand Sanitizer: You would be amazed at how many germs that we come in contact with daily!
Wallet: This was given to me by my oldest daughter so every time I go to reach for my credit card, money, and/or I.D. I think of both my girls and shop w/ a smile.
Pen & Notebook: My book of Poetry and some inspirational quotes… I study poetry on my down time such as when I’m carpooling back & forth to work. This keeps me in good spirits & in a positive place. 
Purse Holder: Gifted to me by my Mom as she’s a stickler for NOT putting your purse on the floor. At 1st I thought it would be useless being that I normally carry BIG bags but it turns out to be quite handy. I guess MOM KNOWS BEST after all. ~Thanks Mom  
Samsung Camera: This camera has been knocked around & fell to the ground numerous time. It’s BEAT UP but it WORKS!!!! I never know when I might catch something that’s picture worthy as my cell phone camera is NOT the best when it comes to picture taking. ~Lights, Camera, ACTION
Cell Phones: I know you are probably wondering why (2) two cell phones… “Business & Personal” duh!!! LOL!!! Sadly though, I must admit that I don’t know anyone’s number by heart other than my husband.  I’m really not sure how I was able to manage before cell phones were invented. Not only do I house my phone book in these little devices I also use it for shopping, coupons, emails, and random notes. What would we do without technology????
Random Must Have: Earrings – My Rule: A girl should never leave home w/o earrings and if she do ALWAYS have a spare pair! Safety Pin – A Grandma rule: You never know when you may have a fashion malfunction that needs fixing. Bobby Pin – A Mother’s Rule: Just in case your curls fall or you have a bad hair day improvise & Be ALWAYS PREPARED!  Umbrella – U can’t predict the weather. Better to be safe than sorry. (No EXCUSES allowed)

Now that you have seen what’s in my bag; let’s see what’s in yours???

As part of the rules, I have to tag other bloggers. However, I have made an EXCEPTION to the rule!
*Disclaimer* - I am NOT going to tag ANY of my bloggers because I know this challenge is dated and you may have already done this. So, if you are reading this and have yet to participate I hereby tag you!!!!

Rules: Take pictures of your bag and the content and then give details in a blog post.


  1. It looks like you have all the essentials and then some!! I love that cute little puppy with the shoes on!! lol Kiah

  2. nice site! congrats on the new opening! much success!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment and the follow!


  4. lol I thought I was the only person that carried deodorant! lol I have a lot in my purse as well. if they make them big that's more you can put in it! lol

  5. @Crystal, IKR... I can partically LIVE outta my purse for a week! The bigger the better! lol

  6. "What's your/my bag?" was the very 1st post that I did on my site over a year ago. I have every thing in my bags :).

    Thanks for visiting my site/ leaving a comment. *Now following you blog as well..