Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrifting = New Fashion & New Friends!

Hiya lovelies... sorry, it took me so long to update my BLOG but my girls came home & we took a lil vacay to the Sunshine State and can you believe the resort did NOT have FREE Wi-Fi!!!! So as promised here are a few pic's from the the nationwide I <3 Thrifting event, spear-headed by Rashon, aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

I got word of the I <3 Thrifting event from Katie Mac of the The Mac Styles and thought it was just for Houston. Nonetheless, I took the initiative to order a T-shirt just to show my support. I didn't find out until the night before (via twitter) that there were several thrifting groups in Atlanta that were actually going to participate, but my group was lead by none other than two fabulous females, Erika of BLu Label Bungalow and Dayka of Meditations on Life and Style. This was my very 1st time meeting both women and you would have thought we had known each other forever.... They welcome the entire group with open arms!!!! 

Our group gathered at our first stop, the Goodwill at NorthLake. 

I never thought I would find myself shopping at a Goodwill... I guess it's a 1st time for everything!
  Our next stop was My Favorite Place... An Atlanta Landmark. It was my 1st time ever going but I found some great deals on trinkets and what nots!

You can literally spend hours in this place!

A few of us bloggers...

Erica found this lamp shade... I'm sure she will create a masterpiece!

We decided to make one more quick stop to another Goodwill where we spent most of our time snapping pics because we were actually READY to EAT!

Dayka, Erica, & Niki

Niki of Single Bubble Pop & I

Virtuous Styls and I 

Kerrie of Virtuous Styls & Keren of Two Stylish Kays 

Tami of Talking with Tami & I

FINALLY... It's CHOW TIME!!!! We had lunch at La Madeleine


Tiffany & I - Be sure to check out her creativity on Esty
O, did I mention Lunch was DELISH! 

Wonderful Women w/ a Unique Style

Kerri has agreed to take me under her wings and teach me ALL about thrifting!

After lunch we headed to our final destination... Goodwill in Sandy Springs
We were met by Elaine Armstrong, the North Georgia Director of Public Relations for Goodwill, and a 11-Alive news photographer was on site to capture all the fun we were having. We were also invited to shop in the Goodwill store that is scheduled to open on August 4th in McDonough, GA  
We saved the BEST for LAST... This was the BEST Goodwill of the day!

Keren on a hunt...

This skirt is made just for Kerrie!!!!

Tami found a winner!!!!

US (Bloggers) with our Fashion Finds posing for 11-ALIVE... Yes, we made the NEWS! 

Keren doing an interview with Channel 11 about our fashion finds!

Just Lovely...

What a great group of women!

New Friends + Fashion Finds = FUN!!!!

My FAVORITE Fashion Find... I scored these boots for $5
The day finally came to an end and we ALL were exhausted but found it fun to create new friendships... it was fabulous & fun!!!! 
The I <3 Thrifting event was a huge success. I can’t wait until next year!
OAN: This was my 1st time thrifting at the Goodwill... I still have a lot to learn and I'm excited about learning Thrifting 101 & how to save $MONEY$
~Have you ever been thrifting and do you enjoy it????


  1. this was so much fun, I totally enjoyed shopping with you Lynn and the other ladies. btw love love your site. welcome to the world of thrifting we welcome you with open arms :)

  2. This looks like so much FUN!! I love to thrift! It is an amazing experience if you find great things! Kerrie found some awesome items! How fabulous is that skirt!! WOW!! Your boots are too fierce honey! Can't wait to see you rock them! Kiah

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time....and I missed it :(. Love the new look.

  4. What a fabulous event/meetup!!! Sweet bloggers and good thrifting makes for a really good day! I really wish I could have been there... and Kerrie's skirt makes me really happy!!! I can't wait to see you wear those boots you totally scored!

    p.s. I LOVE your new header it's beautiful!

  5. Ok, yall look so cute! And Mr. Goodwill Hunting came up with a genius idea!

    Look like yall had a nice time. And those boots are so cute!

  6. Cute post.. Loving you banner at the top.. BTW you can find some DOPE things @the goodwill around in the city...


  7. Ok..It looks as though you guys had a wonderful time thrifting.

    Ms. Kerri found some cute skirts...I love it!!!

  8. Oh wow! You ladies found some nice peices. It looks like you had a ball. Those boots..I can't wait to see how you style them. : )

  9. Looks like fun times!

  10. Yesss... it was FUN & Exciting especially since I'm new at thrifting. I'm still trying to get the hang of thrifting! I will let you all know how the next thrifting trip goes!!!!

    Thanks for ALL the lovely comments! :D

  11. Thrifting is my new found LOVE!!!! Great Finds and for very little money, you can't beat that :) Thanks for following me, and I am def follower now! Great blog!


  12. We love your page and are now following too

  13. I am sure you had a ball! I want to start thrifting... I meet a couple of ladies that want to make a day of it. I will keep you posted. Thanks for coming by! Now following!

  14. I love the blogging world! I couldn't make it to the event....something with my kids! Erika is my bestest friend, and oldest friend so I was truly bummed when I couldn't support. I have been wanting to go thrifting lately. I haven't been in years, hopefully someone will put together something soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Jealous! I want a meetup :-(. Looks fun though!

  16. cool...looks like you all got some great finds!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  17. Im jealous too. I tweeted about the fab t-shirts. Yes I've thrifted before and will continue. Im getting better at fransfoeming piecws & not just wearing pieces as is. I need to visit some of the bloggers I haven't met. Im familiar with Kerrie & Karen. Maybe you can do a post on a few of your finds. Just an idea.

  18. It looks like you guys had a great time. I didn't find out about it until the day of. :(. I am so there next time! I love those boots.

  19. Looks like you ladies had a BLAST! You all look great!


  20. I love the shirts! I want one! The two skirts that Kerrie is holding in the pictures are lovely! I wish I could have a thrifting day with friends. it seems like such a great idea!

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  21. WoW what a fun idea and it looks like you girls had a blast.

    Thx for sharing girl.

    <3 Marina

  22. I love how the ATL does thrifting….you guys had blast…Love it and hand over those boots please…LOL