Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's no SUNSHINE when you are gone...

Hope all is well with all my lovelies out there in blogosphere.
As for me I'm just chillin' in HOT-LANTA!!!!! Although, the SUN was shining outside it wasn't shining to bright for me today. I'm missing my daughters as they are away visiting their Dad for a few weeks before school starts back.

As Mothers we long to get that much needed break but for some reason when our children are away from us we miss them the most!

This is NOTHING new my girls always go and spend time with their Dad on weekends; during the holidays and Summer/Spring Break Vacation... you would think that I would have gotten use to this by now but Summer days are XTRA long without my girls!

Since my girls are away the Hubby had to take these pics and he was given me the eye @_@
I think the Hubby did great with the pic's... what do you think?

I am HAPPY that my skirt was only $3.99 on the Clearance rack at Sears!

Thankful to have my husband in my life... he's the light that shine's when my girls are gone

I really wanted you all to see the back of the skirt as it's pleated and really cute... but the hubby REFUSED to take a pic of my BEHIND! LOL!
By this time... I was HOT & He was TIRED.com

The look of frustration after he dropped my camera... #UGGHHHH

If you are a Mom & have to walk in my shoes with seperation from your seeds... You are NOT alone; I truly know how it feels

What I wore:
Shirt: Gifted
Skirt: Sears Clearance Rack $3.99
Shoes: eBay (over 3yrs ago)
Accessories: LA Lynn's

~Value the time spent with your seeds and enjoy the SUNSHINE before it's gone
If I'm successful I'm going to try & submit this post on EBEW as the feature is YELLOW!

Be sure to check out: Everybody, Everywear



  1. Lovin' that yellow! Plenty of sun is shining UR WAY! CuYuTe!!


  2. Killer pumps & the yellow looks good on you


  3. i Love the leopard with the zebra. You look so cute great job on the challenge.


  4. You look great; love the pumps.
    Your hubby did a great job with the pictures. I get that same look if I ask hubby to take pictures of me....they just don't understand the importance of this :)!

    Hope your sunshines are back soon!

  5. sheer+double animal prints= amazingness so cute =) You are so blessed to have such a sweet husband he did a really good job on these pics =)

    p.s. awesome skirt find! Long live the clearance racks =)

  6. I've been loving bright colors lately. Love your yellow top! XO

  7. Nice outfit & those shoes are sooo haute!! Love it..I need them in my closet.

  8. OMG I had it in my head that I was not going to blog today and then I decided to login. I click on your blog and you are going thru the same thing as me. Girl God is good! He sends someone to you just when you need them. My hubby and daughter just left this morning to go to Arizona and I had to stay due to work and I am just sick without them. I worry who is going to make sure she bathes and who is gonna comb her hair. You know thinking is my child down there looking throwed away!! lol Tonight is the 1st night of 6 alone...pray for me girl! I love your outfit. That skirt is amazing and the hubby not taking a pic of the back is soooooooo something mine would do too! They so jelly! haha That ruffle yellow top is amazing and I love how you brought in the zebra shoes. CUTE! Girl I think every time my daughter photographs me she drops my camera. I am on the 2nd one and its on its last leg. This is why I always hesitate to buy a nice expensive camera. Kiah

  9. Hey Lynn! Thx for visiting -- it's so cool to discover other bloggers. I'm luvin the clutch, the sheer ruffled top and the shoes are fab! Luv your yellow outfit post!


  10. Yellow is such a happy and vibrant color. You wear it well doll! Looking beautiful! I love the whole outfit


  11. Love the shoes! Looking at your blog today popped it in my head that I still haven't done my duties re: the lovely blog award you gave me. still trying to figure out how to execute the rules but I will get it done this weekend. :-)


  12. I love that top! Very cute. and I love a good deal..Great job!

  13. Cute! You look great in yellow!

  14. Yes...loving the shoes. Its a nice touch with the yellow. And the hubby did great with the pics...my babe hates taking pics of me so you're lucky for that!


  15. Kiah, sound like me... sometimes I get on to write and/or post pics and just say I'm only going to be 10min no longer than 15min then next thing you know 2 hours has passed by! lol
    Also, I'm praying for ya!!! :))

    Tia, you can do it when time permits... no rush! I know how it is.

    @MissRockwell, gurrrl... he wasn't a happy camper I tell ya! lol

    *Thanks you ALL for stoping by my blog & leaving such lovely comments*

  16. Ha ha haaa at the comment that hubbys won't take pics, kids dropping cameras and boohooing when the kid(s) are away I can certainly relate. Mini me heads out Tuesday. I usually get sick and lock myself inside. I'm going to try and venture out. Funny though cause when he's here I'm always on the go.
    Lynn, you can never go wrong with a.classic.black skirt. Lobe the Brighton burst of yellow and the zebra print heels gave the look more life.

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