Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Friday Lovelies!!!!! Is it me or is it true that no matter what’s going on in the world Friday’s ALWAYS make LYFE seems better???!!!

With that being said, last Friday my hubby & I decided to do something we have NEVER done before and that was to hop in the truck & take a road trip! Nothing was actually planned we just said we were going to do it. And, guess what??? WE DID!!!! We had talked about doing this throughout the week and made the FINAL decision on FRIDAY. I told ya’…  it’s just something about FRIDAY’S!!!!

It was soooo HOT that I didn’t feel like dealing with my hair & wanted to be comfortable for the ride so I threw on a Sundress, Flip Flops & my BIG HAT! With the girls in tow... we ended up in Tennessee and went to Lake Winnie Amusement Park. We had a BLAST… I felt like a kid again as we enjoyed the rides, waffle cones, coca-cola floats, French fries, ckn tenders, funnel cakes, cotton candy & FIREWORKS!!!!

Rode Trip Successful... we made it to Lake Winnie!!!!

I think I can BEAT the HEAT!

A few rides...
My daughters were actually own this ride when this picture was taken!

Us on the Ferris Wheel

It's the kid in ME!!!!
Lake Winnie has been around for years & is making history

This was by far the BEST Ride... The Cannonball
My Loves!!!!
My oldest daughter with her cut up jeans she did herself!

My Baby Girl

The VIEW from the TOP... the SKY is the LIMIT!

These two are the reason why I work so HARD!

The BEST food I have EVER had at a Amusement Park!

My 1st Carousel Ride in years...


I have a weakness for SWEETNESS!!!!

My 1st dress purchase from DOTS!

Wishing I could have this moment for LYFE!

The CHEERY on TOP was the FIREWORKS at the end of a FUN-FILLED DAY!

What I wore
Dress/Hat: $19.99 w/cpn at DOTS
Flip Flops: $1 at Old Navy
Handbag: $1 at Women of Purpose Yard Sale
Vintage Accessories: $3 at Women of Purpose Yard Sale
My Thoughts
It’s ok to be a KID again; even if it’s just for a DAY! (I DID)
Step outside of your comfort zone… do something you have NEVER done before!

Have a Wonderful Weekend! 

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  1. Fun pictures! Love your dress! I want funnel cakes!


  2. aww what a great trip!! Love the post and most of all I am now craving sweets - thank you very much :)

    lots of blog love xoxoxoxo

  3. This makes me want to take a road-trip. That's what summer is for, isn't it?

  4. It looks like so much fun to traipse about the fair with your daughter and husband!!! Loving your dress and hat definitly the way to go! Have a good weekend =)

    p.s. I want some of your funnel cake =)

  5. Beautiful family! Great idea on the spur of the moment trip. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  6. Thanks Ladies... this was ACTUALLY one of the BEST things we could have ever done!!!!

    Also, I'm STILL trying to get a grip on these BLOG POSTS so if you get this POST again... please disregard! I've been trying to add BLOGlovin' for weeks now! Hope it works this time... lol

  7. How fun! I love spontaneous road trips! Looks like you guys had a great time, and I agree road trips make everything better

    Live Life in Style

  8. Yeeessss. with the sugar rush.. cute outfit/ loving this post.. Aee, family time :)w


  9. Looks like you had a great time!

    We are hosting a Pamper Yourself Giveaway. Stop by and enter.

  10. The weekend is almost ovvvveeeer!!!!! I need just a couple more hours!!!! *WHEW*

    ~Thanks for ALL the lovely comments... new blog post coming soon. ENJOY the week to come!

  11. Don't you just love those "hunny let's get outta here" moments! So glad that you were able to get away with your beautiful family! I love your dress and look like a beautiful flower! Your comments always make me smile! Kiah

  12. That's awesome! Looks like you all had a beautiful time! You looked too cute too! Love the hat with the maxi! You looked great!

  13. I absolutely LOVE these pics! You have a beautiful family and you are rocking that hat MrsLayD! Loves it!!

  14. You know what heffa!! lol Imma need you to quit making my stomach hurt wit'cha crazy a**!! lol You are hilarious!! Kiah

  15. Oh it looks like you had a great day!!!Love your maxi dress,so stylish!

  16. I've been to an amusement park as well :) they are soo nice :)

    and love your maxi dress ^-^

    xxx London

  17. Love the first pic of you and your dress. You have a beautiful family!

  18. Bwahahaha @ Kiah!!!!! :))

    Yesss... the maxi dresses are so affordable, versatile, & comfortable! They are becoming my SUMMER fave!!!! :D

  19. The maxi is definitely affordable, comfy and feminine all at the same time...u look beautiful!

  20. Maxi dress is cute and comfy. The floppy hat is a nice added touch :)) I know what you mean when you wrote the girls fuel your grind. KT makes me a better me. Spontaneous road trips are fun! Your pics proved the result can be some memorable family time.