Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who's going to help... The Help

Wazzup lovelies... I didn't mean to leave you all hangin' but I am seriously still recuperating from all of my BORN day festivities!!!! Not to mention working a government 9-5, She-EO of my own business, twitter, facebook, blogging, tumblr 101, and most of all being a Mom, Friend, Daughter, and Wife can be overwhelming at times. (Not complaining because I wouldn't trade it for the world) but it wouldn't hurt if I had a clone or some XTRA HANDS!!!! I find myself always going the extra mile to see someone else smile. :)) I'm ALWAYS supporting & helping others but lately I have to ask myself... who's going to HELP THE HELP????

Speaking of The HELP... Last Sunday, I was suppose to meet up with Socialite Nikka from Oh Nikka as I had read on her blog earlier that week that DL Winfrey of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses was having a meet up at Atlantic Station to see the movie: The Help and to wear pretty dresses. We were told to buy our tickets in advance but "busy body" me never took the time to purchase my ticket online & thought I would just show up & buy my ticket the day of. So, my bestie & I put on our "pretty dresses" and excitedly headed to Atlantic Station & when we approached the ticket window the screen read: SOLD OUT~Kicking myself because I had ran around all weekend long for everybody and their mama and didn't take out 5 minutes of my time to purchase my tickets online. *Disobedience = Disappointed*

All dressed & no where to GO!

Taking pic's & thinking where I can go on a Sunday Afternoon...

Not sure where these StEpS may lead me :))

Although, I wasn't a happy camper I was determined not to let that spoil my afternoon. So, I went & got my girls and we made a trip to our favorite book store...

I didn't wear this dress for NOTHING... may as well strut in Barnes & Noble

Look what greets me when I walk into the BOOK STORE!!!! *_*

Contemplating... if I will buy the book or wait to see the Movie at a later date

My Baby Girl got the book of her choice: Fences by August Wilson

What I Wore:
The total FIT from the dress, shoes, to the accessories were all purchased at: - Macy's
SN: You will notice that most of my outfits & shoes are from Macy's - That's where my Mother makes her living... YES, my Mother works there and I reap all the perks & beneFITS!

Note to you: When you don’t see me tweet or blog on a regular just know that my life is SUPER busy as I am continuously running here and there, taking care of work, kids, hubby, family, friends, my dog & etc. So, please be patience with me… God isn’t finish with me yet!
Note to Self: I have been putting other people needs & wants consistently before my own. It’s time for me to create some time and space for myself. This way I will have a sense of peace, balance, and wholeness.
Starting today, I pledge to HELP… The HELP by doing & spending more time with The Help… MYSELF!
Please be sure to check out the pictures of the ladies that attended the Movie Outing on Oh Nikka Blog Post at: Thanks, for the Help  


  1. Pretty dress! Love the colour! Perfect with the shosies and ur hair!


  2. You look gorgeous in that dress! I love it! Your hair is really cute too! I am planning on going to see "the help" this weekend. I heard that it is an amazing movie and I cant wait to see it.


  3. You have such a good attitude it really is true you gotta carve out time for your self!

    Totally in love with your pretty purple dress! It definition pays to have a mom that works at Macy's =)

  4. YOu look perfect in purple.
    Everyone is saying how good that movie was! So did you get the book?

  5. Awe you look too cute BOO!! That dress is gorg and I am so mad about your mom working at my favorite store! Can a sista get tha hook up or what!! lol I heard that movie was really good and I actually went to the mall to see it on my day off because online they listed it playing at 9:30am and that worked out perfect for me. Dropped daughter off at school and made my way to the mall. Got there and the movie didn't start until 1pm. I was heated! I couldn't go to the 1pm show so I didn't get to see it. I agree 100% that ALL mothers and wives should have some "ME" time!! Kiah

  6. You look so beautiful in purple, and so does your baby girl.
    So much beauty in a book store, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Much love.

  7. Hey Lynn!!! That purple is tooooooo cute and the lighter tones remind me of my shoes! Your outfit, heels and makeup are really classic and elegant, you look beautiful :-). I wouldn't waste that outfit either!

    I totally agree on the "me" time and helping "The Help", I don't have any kids and my schedule is crazy so I can only imagine how you must feel. I've heard so many good things about the movie so I will definitely be checking it out- make sure you see it too!!


  8. I love purple and the dress looks amazing. Taking me time is so important I had to learn how to it.

  9. Wow that dress looks absolutely marvelous on you! I definitely think that you should start taking more time for yourself, and writing on here so I can check back and read it! :)



  10. Inez, no sweetie... I did not invest in the book. Hopefully, I can set some time aside to see it this weekend!

    Kiah, Now that absolutely SUCK!!!! @_@

    Naz, will do... that's the plan (ME TIME). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I'm sending all of you a (((BIG HUG)))... Thanks for ALL the LOVELY comments you all really make me smile! :))

  11. I saw 'The Help' last week and loved it. Now I really want to read the book. I actually was in Barnes & Noble today and almost bought it but decided that I'd wait and see if I could find it used.

  12. Gorgeous! I love that dress...very pretty on you. I love your hair too!

    And your daughter is so cute!

    I actually saw the movie and loved it. I've heard people say they were upset when they left out...but ya know...

    All in all, it was very good.

  13. Awww sorry to hear about you missing the show mama. The great thing is your looked gorgeous! haha, even if it was just for the bookstore.

  14. love the dress purple is my favorite color~MEESH

  15. Nice dress!


  16. You look lovely in the dress. Glad you let others see it.

    As far as The Help, I may be the only person not interested in the movie or the book. :(

  17. u look gorgeous! love the dress and the color is beautiful!!

  18. What a wonderful post. I love the topic of taking time for you. You look gorgeous in this beautiful purple dress.

  19. I love your outfit, you look so nice, the dress is so awesome, the color, the length, the shape are perfect, you look good and I love your shoes! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  20. Great post! I can totally relate. I too planned to see it at Atlantic Station last weekend and missed it.

  21. I heard nothing but rave reviews for this movie and book! I need go see this and read it!