Monday, August 29, 2011

Circle of Friends

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as I spent the weekend surrounded by LOVE!!!! I have a few “girlfriends” that I have been friends with for years; some since middle & high school; we use to get together each month for each other’s birthday. But somewhere along the way with our very busy schedules it all fell by the waist side. To say the least… we haven’t gotten together in months. So, one of my besties ask if I would partner with her to help plan & arrange a REUNION for the ATL Ladies (All Together Lovely Ladies) that’s what we named ourselves. I agreed and we did just that!!!! J 

Partners of Planning the Reunion... Paulette & I

I must say that I only offered a little assistance. Paulette pretty much spearheaded the entire event and she did LA-MAZING!!!! We requested the ladies to wear white as the theme was called ATL Ladies Reunion… An Angel Affair. The color white was to represent friends as angels. We greeted one another with embracing hugs, we prayed, we ate, we talked, we ate some more, we laughed, and then watched a DVD that Paulette created by using all the pictures that we have taken throughout the years and made a video out of the pics. We also had a mini photoshoot which was done by my oldest daughter... (yes, she is a photographer). She took pictures of the entire event. There were so many pic’s that I wish I could share them all but here are a few of my faves.

I believe in angels, but I call them my friends.

My Fashionista Friends... Angels that you can see

Friends are kisses blown to us by angels.  ~Author Unknown

Friends are the angels that lift us up when our wings have forgotten how to fly

Circle of Friends... there is no beginning and no end!

Friends that Pray together; Stay together

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." — Marilyn Monroe

God put you on this earth to show people what an angel looks like
After it was all said & done... Paulette & I gave each other HIGH 5 & KICKED UP our heels... then began to CLEAN-UP!!!! lol

~Here are a few pic's of me before the ATL Ladies arrived~

What I Wore:

Capri Jumper: Walking Model - $30
Qupid Glitter Shoes: Tilly's - $29.99
Accessories (except the tennis bracelet - gifted): LA Lynn's  

~Please be sure to check out my daughter photography work on Facebook at: Tyler Porter Photography

*Disclaimer: This was only half of the ladies... the other half were truly missed: Candace, Cepada, Nakia, Shinoca, & Val*

Note to You: I was once told that if you want to know where you will be in the next (5) five years... just take a look at your "Circle of Friends"!!!! ~Have you checked your circle???!!!


  1. I absolutely love it! You ladies look amazing. I wish my girlfriends and I were able to get together and have a reunion ,but everyone has went their separate ways.Cool blog lynn :-). Hopefully I will have the chance to meet you when I move out to ATL.

  2. Awwwww, getting together with old friends is always nice! You ladies look lovely in white! I love the picture of you guys holding hands in a circle on the ground. Great idea!

    7eventh Letter

  3. You all look fantastic...I couldn't help but notice that you have Jill S on your page...have you been her recent concert. I went this past weekend in Dallas and it was AMAZING!!!! A def yes if you are a fan


  4. My fav post by far. Friends are few and far between and when we find real ones we have to hold on tight. I love each of the pics especially the "circle" and the praying one. Amazing and Im inspired - I need a girls night asap!!!

  5. i like this blog.

  6. I love the picture with everyone on the floor! Love the all white too!


  7. Awwww! I luv the circle of friends! It's so good to see that positive relationship amongst women... You guys look great and you're stunning! The jumper and jewelry is hott - make sure you let me know when your site is up! You've got some nice jewelry that I wouldn't mind having for myself!

  8. aww that's so sweet- love your white out ensemble! White is the new black :)
    Come follow my blog sweetie :)

  9. WOW so ladies look soo wonderful!!!!!

  10. Absolutely fantastic. I specially love:Friends are the angels that lift us up when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

  11. You ladies look gorg! Great friends are a blessing!

  12. Très jolies photos, et vous êtes toutes très jolies

  13. Very cute.. Loving your outfit especially your accessorize. Ain't nothing like a group of friends... real friends


  14. I’m so digging the Girl Power….What a blessing to have such beautiful and caring friends. You guys look fabulous in the all white. Kudos to the photography! The circle of friends picture is amazing!!!

  15. This is so neat!!!!! You and your gal pals are beautiful ladies! I totally agree friends who pray together stay together =)

    Your daughters photography is excellent!

  16. GREAT post! You ladies are wearing that white and your daughter did a fantastic job on the pictures. Love the circle of friends picture.

  17. this is soo cute, you guys are really blessed. There's nothing like having girlfriends you've known for years.

    Fashion Rehab

  18. Great post Lynn. You look amazing...



  19. Everyone looks great! I love your capri jumper. Fab style woman!

  20. What an amazing time together =]. You ladies look beautiful and happy. Good friends are hard to find and I am truly blessed when I see them sticking together =].

    And I love your outfit!

    Kimberly, FWB

  21. That is so sweet, love girly get togethers.

  22. LA Mazing indeed. I love seeing women and especially African American coming together in peace. Job well done to you and Paulette.


  23. This is great! I am almost in tears. I love to see women that share a special bond. It is becoming very rare. You all look great and the pictures are great too. LOVELY!

  24. that is so adorable and such a good idea. you guys really have something special, and should work to keep it going...

    btw thanks so much for voting for me! there's still time left to get some more votes in :)

  25. looking like God´s angel in this white outfits !! good to know that you are praying like I do !! may God bless you sister

  26. Thank u all for the lovely comments... It's truly a blessing to have friends that u can call ANGELS!!!! I love them chic's to death!!!!

  27. Oh ma gosh this is so special. My BFFs and I share the same birthday month and always get together but after reading this I'm thinking we need to plan some girlfriends time just because with a theme. May email you if this takes off for help.