Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Celebrating in Lace

This past weekend I went to the The Cajun Crabhouse in Atlanta

I was there for a Birthday Dinner Celebration for my girlfriend Nikki

Nikki the B-Day Girl

And, let me just tell you... the whole restaurant experience was a BUST! Yep, we were BUSTED & DISGUSTED!

Almost everything we ordered they were out of, Some of our party food did not come out correctly, burnt, not seasoned, and the bill was wrong!!!! We arrived around 7:30 but the food didn’t get to the table until around 9:30 ish… That’s 2 hours waiting on FOOD!!!!  

BAD PIC due to the dim lights inside of the restuarant but I had Shrimp & Fries... My Hushpuppy was a lil over cooked but for the most part my meal was DELISH!
 I’m sure y’all notice that my Instagram-ing and Tweeting was on PAUSE on Friday Night welp, my cellphone was DEAD (as always) and the WIFI at the restaurant did not work! Now y’all know... that is a BLOGGERS NIGHTMARE!!!! YIKES!!!!!
The Birthday Party Girls
We requested to speak with the Manager and she finally came over and discounted our tickets with 18% off which basically covered the gratuity that was included in the bill. As for the (2) two young ladies in our party who meal didn’t arrive on time she gave them their meal FREE but charge them for the drink and gratuity! She also offered a coupon for a return visit for a FREE Entrée and as much as I LOVE the word: FREE I really got to think long and hard about going back.

The Birthday Girl & I
Tereon & Nikki (Tereon eyes closed but the pic is still cute & she was my photography for the day)

The Bestie & I

Lace is a trend that I always wanted to try but never really found a lace piece that was flattering enough in my mind that I could actually pull off. So, when I saw this dress I knew it was a WINNER!  

Not sure about this pose or what I was trying to do! HA!

What I wore:

Lace Dress ~ Macy's
Shoes ~ Guess
Handbag ~ Michael Kors
Accessories~ LA Lynn's

Special thanks to my girl Tereon for snapping my photo's! :D

I’m linking up with Cori over at It's My Taste for Trendy Tuesday! Although, I just noticed she don't have the LINKY but I'm still linking this post! HA!

I am also, participating in  Big Fat Summer Challenge and LACE is something I would NOT normally wear so I can MARKED that off the list!

Note to You: Try and find the good in every bad situation! As with this  restaurant experience was NOT the BEST it was STILL good to be amongst good people and having good convo!

~Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion




  1. Look at you givin'em a lil leg on that fountain! Go'head now! =D You look so pretty in this lace number! Love the hair too!

    When will business establishments ever learn? A bad experience reaches a heck of a lot more people than a good one. smh

  2. Very pretty dress. I hate paying my money for a bad experience.

  3. Yum to that place! I bet the food is amazing!! Great dress. Loving that it's lace and the melon color!


  4. very cute dress! you all look gorgeous!

  5. You are looking like a million bucks!


  6. You look spectaacular!!!! The color is fantastic and looks so pretty and the lace is oh so magical! I'm so sad the service/food wasn't up to par on your friends b-day outing but I'm so glad you all made the best of it =) Have a blessed Wednesday!!!!!

  7. Cute dress!!! I have to remember to not got to that place!!! LOL

    Carsedra of:



  8. Cute dress!!! Too bad the restaurant wasn't good, the name got me excited though! What a let down! #BLMgirls

  9. You look beautiful! That is a great color on you!


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

  10. arrrghh! There's nothing worse than waiting on food and then the food turns out to be bad! Write a review on Yelp.com that might make you feel better. At least you looked fabulous in your lace. Happy belated B-Day to your friend!

  11. Two hour wait on food, is no joke!I would have walked out. You look great in your lace dress

  12. wow 2 hours for the food, I would have left after an hour! but at least you were surrounded by friends!

  13. When I saw the pics of the restaurant in the beginning of the post I didn't expect you to say it was a busted experience. That totally caught me off guard. LOL! I was like whoa, what happened?

    Nobody should be waiting two hours for food. That's crazy. At least you all made the best of it though.

  14. Beautiful dress. Nice to see another fashion diva that shops at Macy's. They have the bomb sales.

  15. Note to self, do not go to The Cajun Crab House. Ugh, I loathe bad food. I'm glad the manager was able to remedy the situation.