Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Another week and another opportunity to get things right… I hope that your weekend was filled with EVERYTHING that you could have possibly imagine as mine was that and some!!!!!

Hubs & I kicked off the weekend on Friday with a date night at Ikea... We literally stayed there until they CLOSED the store. They had to KICK us out! (I seriously LOVE that store; it's one BIG MAZE) After getting KICKED out of IKEA we went to a Late Night Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman


This place is like a Gigantic MAZE and I LOVE IT!

My Favorite Room at Ikea

My Favorite Closet at Ikea

Peace Out... They KICKED us out! LOL!

This MOVIE is a MUST SEE... I highly recommend it!

Saturday: We went to a Street Market at the Starlight Drive-In  - they had all types of STUFF... I'm sure if you name it; they had it!

Yup, that's me with a cup of Watermelon at the Street Market!

After the Street Market we went to our family cookout to celebrate my cousin graduation from high school

Congrats Cuzzo

Sunday: The BIG Surprise which topped off my weekend!

Collage of our Serenbe Visit

Hubs woke me up to a bag full of goodies from Victoria’s Secret and then told me to get dressed because he had a day of “goodies and secrets” planned for us.

Without having a clue as to where we was headed we 
jumped in the car and took about a 20 min scenic drive until we approached a small community called: Serenbe which is located 30 minutes outside of Atlanta in the cutest community. 

We toured the town including the HGTV Green House, Went on a Nature Trail,  Horse Petting, Eating, and Shopping

There were sooo many pictures that I took that I tried to narrow the pictures down to the most likely interested ones. 

HGTVGreen House... the tours are scheduled on the hour and are $20 per person

A View inside the House...

Open House: Built with ECO Friendly materials... (HGTV neighbor)
The Kitchen: How may I help you? lol

Posing on the balcony

The stairwell... gorgeous!

We dined at the Farmhouse
Bread serve prior to the entree

Hubs Plate: Chicken, vegetable salad, black eyed peas with rice and squash 

My Plate:   Fried Pork Chop, vegetable salad, black eyed peas with rice and squash   

Hubs & I shared a Brownie & Ice Cream

The Garden

When petting the horses this fella got a lil too close!

The Lake

Serenbe was so beautiful and peaceful I can definitely see us returning in the near FUTURE!!!!  

Mani Monday: I got a new paint job today!

OPI Color: Gargantuan Green Grape

I’m Linking up with Glamamom Momtrends , and Bon Bon Rose Girls  for Monday Mingle! 

Note to you: I use to shy away from talking about my husband so much because I didn’t want anyone to think that I was bragging and I didn’t want to sound like a broken record to ppl but then I had a close friend to tell me: “Who ever has a problem with you talking about the LOVE that you and your husband share has a problem with themselves” and “May NOT want to see you happy or have your best interest at heart”. She then told me to continue to confess our LOVE to the world and share it with others because after 15 years of being in love she lost the love of her life and if she had it to do all over again she would have said more! Although, I don’t talk about US as much as I can I think folks who know me has a pretty good idea how much he means to me!!!!

~LOVE is a beautiful thing when it is done right… I thank GOD for my bestfriend…

~Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. So beautiful I love love and if you have it flaunt it. Such a beautiful weekend

  2. LOVE all your pics!! great update/recap :-) i saw that green house on HGTV and fell in love with it! these pics just confirmed my love!!...LOL.


    PS love is indeed a beautiful thing :-)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful weekend! Beautiful photos and the food looks yummy...xoxoxo ;)

  4. The weekend went well not on those lovely pictures...

    I love the maxi dress,the colors are awesome.

  5. Wow! This looks like an eventful weekend and that HGTV house is gorgeous! I love spiral staircases!!! I've not been to ikea in a long time but it certainly is a great place to get inspiration.

  6. I follow you on Instagram and everytime you post something about your husband I can't help but smile. I can just tell how happy he makes you. had a series on my blog called love stories where women shared their journey to finding their husbands and love. Your story is one I would definitely love to hear. Keep talking about your love because as an unmarried woman you give me hope that I can too find that kind of love one day.

  7. You and ur family look soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to marrying my fiancee next year! I love black love!!!

  8. I am so glad for you, and how wonderful of your husband.

  9. Awww looks like a fun-filled weekend Lynn!!!! There's nothing wrong with expressing LOVE and like your friend said forget what others have to say. You give me hope that there are good men still left in the world (btw I have one too...giggles) Keep sharing the love hunnie.

  10. You had a fun and busy weekend and looked really cute!!

    I am going to have to remember this place, it looks so beautiful!! And your husband did great on this surprise!! I love seeing people share their love. I would rather see real true love then fake, made-up crap for publicity!! Keep sharing, it's motivation to someone that is waiting and hoping to find what you two have!!

    Carsedra of:

  11. Awwww! You stay busy hunny! Nothing wrong with sharing with others the good things about your life, this actually brought a smile to my face =)

  12. You guys have soooo much fun and I LOVE it!!! You look fab per usual. I love IKEA too...but I mainly go in there to steal decoration ideas, LOL. Love HGTV, wish they would just go ahead and pull my got darn name for the dream home series! Geesh! Anyhew, this is YOUR blog, unless u getting paid to do this, it should be about what you love and enjoy and not a forum for folks who don't have no impact in your life. In other words, DO YOU BOO!!!

  13. Girl, I totally understand the love you have for IKEA! The first time I ever went, I felt like I died and went to interior decorators heaven! Lol. That house is ridiculously FAB! The FarmHouse restaurant seems like a beautiful place to dine and don't get me started on the food! Girl profess your love honey!!! If my boo wasn't so anti social media, I would have him all over my blog! Lol! Oh, I fixed my pictures. I don't know why I keep having this issue lately. I'm not sure if it's blogger or photobucket that's the issue.

  14. this is such a cute post.. I know I already told you in instagram that I LIVE in Ikea but I do... Besides shoes.. Ikea is my place... How cool of the tour to see different houses, etc... i would love for this chance


  15. Lynn,

    I love everything about this post: your date at IKEA!!!...the surprises that your hubby had in store for posing in the HGTV Green House kitchen...and your profession of love for your man!

    Keep it coming! =)

  16. WOW, that house! That staircase, that kitchen! WOW! So awesome! Loving the display at Ikea too. They don't do that at my local Ikea...

  17. Looks like a great little quaint town.

  18. Great post,love that OPI color, dont know if I have that one lol

  19. Chris hemsworth is delicious. So is Watermelon, i am slightly obsessed with it I love it so much. I love these instagram-esque posts, and that nailpolish is lovely. Looks like a fun time at Ikea, I wish i was rich and could buy whole rooms!


  20. You had a FULL and wonderful weekend! Congrats to your cousin for graduating and congrats to you for giving your hubby some shine! Ya'll are too cute! Serenbe looks awesome :).

  21. Man it looks like you had a super fantabulous weekend!!!!!!!! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. =) Btw the HGTV dream house looks soooooo beautiful the stairwell is gorgeous! Congrats to your cousin too!!!

  22. That seem like a fun filled weekend. I love the ikea closet too. The foods looks so yummy! Oh, I watch HGTV dream house and I dream about owning it lol!


  23. looks like you had a lot of fun at IKEA..congrats to your cousin on his graduation

  24. great post! amazing photos! :) LOOVE
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  25. what a fabulous weekend... especially sunday! i would love to take those house tours. when i was loving in atlanta i did the castleberry tour of lofts and the inman park tour of homes every year.

  26. What a fun tour! So cool. Your maxi is gorg!

  27. Girl, I need our husband to meet. Your day sounded so wonderful, can he teach a class on this type of thing?! I'll sign my husband up. I agree with your friend, you keep telling the world how good he is. The world needs to hear about loving black couples.