Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day REWIND!

Heyyyy… I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that all the Fathers enjoyed their day on yesterday! Father’s Day always seems to bring me to tears… especially after seeing everyone Tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagraming photos of them with their dad! At any rate, I’m sure my dad is looking down on me from Heaven and smiling! J

My Twin aka My Daddy in his younger years

Special shout out to my hubster for being such an awesome FATHER & STEPFATHER!!!! #Kudos

Me & My Family 

I gifted my hubster with the (2) two things that I’ve heard over the years to never give your mate: A watch and some shoes.

Kohl's everyday wear watch 

Steve Madden Loafers... he's been eyeing these for a few months & Macy's just so happen to have these babies on $ALE at the right time!

It’s a saying that If you give your mate a watch that means time is running out and if you give them some shoes they will walk all over you or walk right out of your life. Have you heard of these sayings & do you believe in them?

After the gift opening we took his Daddy out to eat to his favorite spot: Golden Corral and it was packed to capacity!!!! Uggh…
My Father-N-Law is a blessing... The doctors stated that he wouldn't remember us and he may have NOT known it was Father's Day but he did remember us! 

After dinner I took the hubster to see Madagascar 3 – yup, we went and saw a CARTOON with no kids… we are YOUNG AT HEART! 

The Movie was good but not better than the 1st two... *shrugs*
Photo credit

Well, my photography (My Daughter) went back to her dads house so that mean she will be out of town for a few days (again). So, the hubster had to be my photographer. To be honest I really don’t think he even look at the camera when he take pictures. Between us I believe he does this so I won’t ask him to take my picture. Hmmm…

I wasn’t going to share these pictures with you all because the hubster just point & shoot when he snaps pictures!!!! But then thought ‘WHAT THE HECK” since this is my POST Father’s Day POST I would let you all check out my hubster photography skills! HA!

Totally wasn't READY & HE SNAPS!


This one is a lil better!

I was trying to position myself before I could pose... SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! lol

Ok, this one is ok... 
 I wanted a pic with the back drop but hubster refused to take 'em so A RANDOM LADY at the movies was kind enough to snap these (2) two... lol #SMH 

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably recall me posting these... I scored these brand new Charlotte Russe sandals for only $8 at Resale Therapy hosted by Keren of Two Stylish Kays 

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Disclaimer: Hubs, Hubby, Hubster, My Man, My Boo... This is all the same person >>> My HUSBAND!!!!

Note to You: You do NOT have to be a photography to be behind the camera and you do NOT have to be a model to be in front of the camera just enjoy the moment and BE YOU! Have FUN doing you…

~Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Heyyy,
    just stopping to say hello and think you for for linked-up with me!!

    Also thank you for following and I am now following you via GFC.

  2. Hi Lynn, I hadn't heard of those sayings about giving men shoes and watches, but I know some other ones because my aunt has a saying for everything...especially men!
    Glad you and the hubby had a great day. How was Madagascar 3?

  3. I have heard these I don't believe them. Looks like you guys had a full day. I so understand hubster and picture taking....gave that up a long time ago. :)
    Great gifts for your hubster. Love the photo of you and the family!

  4. Yes, I have heard those sayings too and I never pay attention to them. It looks like you had a great day full of fun and love. That dress is gorgeous on you and that is such a handsome photo of your dad.

  5. I never heard the saying about the watch but definitely the shoes, LOL. I'm so glad to see that u and ur fam enjoy so much time together!!! I really love it! My "photographer" has gotten better after a lot of coaching and mean side eyes, lol. Love your pictures look really cute!

  6. Afro circus afro circus lol the movie was ok the kids enjoyed it I was working while they were watching the movie so I missed most of it. Yeah that's your daddy lol glad you had a great weekend.

  7. Awwww so cute! I'm glad you guys had a great day -

    Xo Megan

  8. I *need* a denim vest in my life. Cute outfit, and yes I've heard those sayings (I'm from NC) and I don't know if I believe them, but I totally abide by them. (lol)

  9. Great post!! Great family photo and you look just like your daddy :) Cute outfit and don't feel bad I've asked random people to take pictures of me too lol


  10. I love your family portrait w the phones!!!!!! Too cute!!

  11. I'm so glad you and your family all had such a wonderfully blessed Father's Day =) It looks like you all had tons of fun!!! Loving that family portrait too, So cute =)

  12. o sweet love cotton candy! Love the gifts you gave your hubby. I gave mine some loafers too!