Thursday, July 19, 2012

Look Ma No Heels… OOTD!

Ok, let me just jump right in and try to make this post as quick as possible because I have too much to do & not enough time!!!! (Story of my Life)

Let me just tell you… 1st off this was not my original post that I had planned for today but since I left my laptop at home and my NEW FREE SHOES yep, you READ that right… NEW FREE SHOES came in the mail on yesterday I decided to do a quick post about them!!!!!

So, if you guys follow me on TwitterFacebook & Instagram then you already know I was a WINNER of these babies... her name is April!

My Instagram Photo... I welcome April with open arms toes!

I have to thank Ashley over at Fab Ellis for recommending her fans to LIKE Heavenly Soles FB page & I did just that & was automatically qualified to win a FREE pair of shoes just by clicking the like button!

I was so ESTATIC when Heavenly Soles posted on their Facebook page that I was the winner. I said a “thank you” prayer to Sweet Baby Jesus and did my Happy Dance!!!! “\0/”  

Usually, I would try and get an outfit to go with my new shoes before I wear them but I've been so curious as to how folks walk in these type of shoes that I didn't even bother. I put on what I had already planned on wearing & just paired the shoes with it.

Let me just tell you these shoes right here are by far the most comfortable shoes ever. 

Don’t let the no heel fool you they are easy walkers.

What I wore: 
White Tank Shirt ~ Old 
Skirt ~ TJ Maxx 
Jean Jacket ~ Levi via Macy's
Accessories ~ LA Lynn's w/ gifted earrings
Shoes ~ Heavenly Soles

Yep, I am on CLOUD 9 ~ the name of the store is perfect... Heavenly Soles 

I highly suggest that you all LIKE Heavenly Soles Facebook page they have some really unique shoes at an affordable price.

 ~ Heavenly Soles that name alone is just simply divine ~

>>> I know y’all see my new hair; it’s supposed to be a MOHAWK but it’s more like a HAWK... I will have to discuss that in another post later!

Note to You: I am a true believer of what you give out you will get in return. I am a giver at heart and I try to support everyone as much as possible so to be on the receiving end it feels pretty darn good! I am so VERY thankful that I am literally smiling & kicking my no heels up right now! J  

~ Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion




  1. Efie... YOU ARE SILLY! Why am I laughing at you saying, "Hawk"??? Too much! Anyway, again, congratulations on winning the shoes. They definitely are hot on you! Glad you are liking them.

  2. Glad to see they are easy to walk in Im still debating getting the black studded ones! Cute!

  3. LOL! you're a mess! i LOVE the way you styled these shoes...and your hair...FABULOUS!!


  4. LOVE your hair!!! And your new shoes are crazy in the best way ever! I'm lovin how you styled them and your skirt is super pretty.

  5. Love those shoes and the hair. It was cute on you.

  6. Love them on you SiSTAR! I would tripped and fall! Lol

  7. LOL at your hair just being a hawk! I don't think I will be trying the heeless trend but I am so curious as to how they would look on me. I am liking the rocker chic look!

  8. The shoes look great on you. It takes a brave soul to wear those, am so glad they are comfy. I love your hair and I am happy that you won!, I never win anything...ever.

  9. Shoes look weird and comfortable at the same time lol. You called it a hawk lol too funny

  10. Shoes like these scare me. lol I like your look, you know I'm a sucker for a vest to bring it all together.

  11. Those are super cute! I've been wanting to run out and pick up some but haven't quite made it to the mall to search for a pair.

  12. Love those shoes. Very different.

  13. NOW i'm a shoe person BUT I would be scared to walk in these... lol but they are ca-ute


  14. And you say they're comfortable? They're too cute but I'm still scared to try the heel-less shoes.

  15. Hello Lynn!

    Thank you very much for visiting me and for all the comments!

    You are rocking those shoes!!! I love it!

    Have a nice weekend.

  16. Those are some cute shoes and a cute outfit!!!!

    Carsedra of:

  17. Can you really walk in them???
    They do look gorgeous, and definitely a show stopper indeed.
    have a lovely weekend, my dear Lynn.

  18. So beautiful but I cant imagine rocking them ! lol PLEASE VOTE FOR ME HERE HONEY

  19. I always wanted to buy some shoes like this, but I was scare that I couldn't walk in it. You said that they are the most confortable shoes ever?

  20. lovely shoes not sure if I can walk in them for along time, nice outfit

  21. I cant wait to go NY, Im telling myself just one more week just one more week lol
    I'm now following on blogger and blogloving, I hope you will follow me back =)

  22. Love your skirt and those shoes are killer, they definitely completed the outfit...:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, your wedges look way more comfortable than mine.

    Raliat O.

  23. I love that Skirt,That shoe is to die for, Those wedges are just too gorgeous, I can never pull this outfit!

    Please follow back at

  24. Gimme dem shoes! So hot love em :)

  25. I always wanted to know if those shoes were comfortable or not. I want a pair so bad, but I can barely walk in the ones that have a back. Tell me the secret..

  26. did I miss this outfit post O_o ?? This look is hot! I love the hair and of course those shoes are fierce! I'm inspired!