Monday, July 9, 2012

Madea & Monday Mani

This is going to be a really quick post... I'm trying my BESTEST to stay on top of my posts and keep you all updated without sharing all my pics on Instagram prior to me doing a BLOG POST! TRUST, it's sooo hard because Instagram is so much FUN & ADDICTING!!!

At any rate, my girlfriends & I went and saw Madea's Witness Protection last week and let me just tell you if it wasn't for them being there the movie would have been REALLY suckish... I was a little disappointed as the story line was very predictable and it didn't have me LOL the way that I'm use too! I think I may be outgrowing the whole Madea character... I'm not sure just yet - As much as I want to continue to support TP I really need for him to bring it and not leave the audience me hanging for more.  

I felt like: American Next Top Model standing with these two shorties... lol
(L) Sophia Me, (R) Judy

PLEASE NOTE: I know I mention in a couple posts back that I don't wear shorts but I stand corrected I should have said that I don't wear short shorts!!!!! Because here I am again with YET another pair of shorts on & I have a few rompers that are short as well. I still be kinda tripping over wearing shorts though don't ask me whyyyy... *SHRUGS*

I'm still loving these Jessica Simpson's... these shoes are soooo comfy!!!!!

What I Wore:

Shirt ~ Gifted via Macy's
Shorts ~ Kardashian Kollection via Sears
Shoes ~ Jessica Simpson via Macy's

Moving on to: Monday Mani... I got a NEW PAINT JOB & I'm rocking Aquadelic via China Glaze with sparkles on my Ring Finger! I love this color it screams: SUMMER FUN!

What color nail polish are you wearing?

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Note to You: If you haven't went and saw Madea Witness Protection please go and see it I do not want to discourage anyone from seeing the movie but if you have already saw it please share your thoughts. 

~ Until next time

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. I have heard it was horrible. I stopped going to see his movies at the movie theater ever since Meet the browns came out. Him and Oprah need to put their minds together and come up with something. You look cute as always and love the nail color.

  2. Oh nooo! I wanted to see it, but I think I'll wait for it to show up at Red Box now.
    Well, anyhow, your outfit was cute.

  3. Girl u have the legs for any kind of shorts!! Love the look!!!

  4. I was going to ask...are you super tall or are these ladies petite? Looking good lynn, I love the mani! This week I am sporting Manicurist of Seville from OPI.

  5. Fun outfit! Shorts + heels are a stellar combo. The turquoise mani is super pretty. I'm currently sporting a sunset coral on my toes...

  6. I also support Tyler Perry but my son has been saying this about Madea for years. FRESH material/perspective is urgently needed.

    I love your outfit, you look fab in shorts!

  7. Love the shoes! The shopping addict that I am, I have been adding and removing them from my online shopping cart for weeks lol

  8. Sophia SoSoStarnesJuly 10, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    Lynn as always it was good hanging with you my SisTAR...I did an awesome job taking the PHOTO' Yes, I was very disappionted with this movie and I need TP to not rush and do his best with the gift he has.

  9. Madea Witness Protection was totally horrible.

    I really love those wedges. The wooden wedge is catchy.

  10. awww you look beeautiful love the shorts!!!

  11. no desire to see this movie - I think I've outgrown Madea too. Loving the new blog look too :)

    1. Thanks, I still got a few tweaking to do to it!

  12. I love that nail color! so pretty. I had a feeling that movie was going to suck, so I didn't even wast my money.

  13. I love supporting TP as well because he's such an awesome individual, however, after reading several reviews I think I'm going to have to support a future endeavor. Anyhew, you did look awful tall in that first pic, lol. Loving those wedges and your mani is too cute!

  14. Love that polish! It's one of my favorite colors!

  15. Man, I've heard so many bad reviews on Madea's Witness Protection! I guess I'll be waiting for it to come to Netflix! Nonetheless, you look fab and I adore those shoes! Your shorts are cute, too =)

    Your nails are very pretty, too! You make me wanna go grab that color. I'm so addicted to nail polish *shrugs*

  16. TP surely does need to step it up, especially with all the star power he pulls. The scripts always leave me wanting much much more.
    Love the shoes. And you have great patience with those pretty nails of yours.

  17. Funny I come across this post on a day where I'm not looking forward to being dragged to the theater later this evening to see this film.

    Tyler Perry is OK, but after the last movie, I'm now under the impression that if you've seen one you've seen them all.

  18. Oh how fun! Love the look and those wedges are KILLER.

  19. Hey.. hey.. now.. cute shoes

  20. I love the nail polish! Your manicures always look so nice.