Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Celebrating in Spring Attire... OOTD!

I've been supa BUSY per usual so let me wish you all happy 1st of the monthhhhh… I hope everyone has jumped off to a great start of the week! 
We have finally reached October so I guess it’s officially FALL Y’ALL!!!!! J

 Recently, a few friends & I celebrated our high school friend 40th birthday dinner at Acoustix Jazz Bar 

The Beautiful Birthday Lady Adrienne

The MENU was really unique how they had names of different Jazz Singers as the selection

Hmmm... I'm not sure why a microwave is back there???!!! *Kanye Shrugs*

The entire ambience is REALLY nice considering the transformation that it has gone through as I know it was once a club turned restaurant and now a Jazz Bar… I would definitely return as the wait staff was very pleasant & simply amazing!!!! However I would recommend better LIVE JAZZ!

The Jazz Band... Live Music

"John Coltrane" N.Y. Strip

I traded my STEAK for the Billie Holiday" Salmon - which was on point!

The Darling B-DAY Cake

How cute they called out everyone that was celebrating a Birthday and presented them with fresh chocolate covered Strawberries

Dink (Adrienne Cousin) k/a Boss Moss... He stay FLY!

"D" & Mari

Nikki & I
Tereon & her Hubby

Tereon was ROCKING some earrings that she purchased from me a while back!

Y'all already know us... My Boo & I

After all these wonder years I can still call these ladies: MY FRIENDS... A TRUE BLESSING!

I have said it more than once... Clearly I don't want SUMMER to END!

Here is a closer look at what I wore:

I'm looking a lil frustrated on this pic do to the SUN but I decided to post anyway because you can actually see the full detail of the outfit 

What I Wore:

Shirt & Skirt ~ Kohl's  
Shoes ~ Heavenly Soles - WON these heeless babies on Facebook
Accessories ~ LA Lynn's

Note to You: I know FALL is upon us but I’m still trying my BEST to hold on to all of ATL sunny days so every touch of SUN I take advantage & rock my spring & summer colors. Have you converted to the FALL colors yet?    

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion




  1. Get it Lynn love!! Your outfit is cute and I'm loving your hair!! Looks like you all had a great time. The food and cake looked great :)

    With Love,

  2. You look so cute.

  3. Loving this look!! Love those shoes girlie they are hot!!

  4. So pretty!!! Wearing spring clothes in the fall is fun. And statement shoes are always a must! I always enjoy

    1. ...all of the cool foodie places you visit. It makes me want to go to Atlanta even more than I do already and watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives and discovering places in Atlanta, seriously make me want to go on a Foodie Road-trip =)

  5. You always post the best looking food! Makes me hungry lol. And look at those shoes! Wow!! :)

    Amberly D'Anna

  6. I don't know how you walk in those shoes, but they are cute on you.

  7. Lovely shoes..that filled event

  8. Man that FOOD looked great! I LIS about that picture with the microwave. Isn't always nice to chill with GOOD FRIENDS!

  9. This outfit is so pretty, light and breezy.

  10. You know you are too fly right?! I love it girl! Gorgeous.

  11. Girl you look so fab!!!!! Very nice pictures!!!

  12. Oh my goodness your hair has grown so!
    It's beautiful!
    You have been a busy gal...
    Ans those shoes are exquisite...I've always wanted to try some just to see how they look on and if I could walk in them...

  13. 40 yo??? You tell that diva she looks AWESOME!!! Love your look hunni and the shoes are oh so fierce!!

  14. You are KILLIN the Game in those shoes Ms. Lynn! And you and the Hubby out and about again, lol!! I hope your friend had a wonderful Birthday and that you all had a great time! -

  15. There's nothing like food, folks, fun and birthdays!! You be wearin them shoes hunny!! Get it!!

  16. I love it!! Your outfit was fiyah diva!!! Love it!!

  17. The Birthday Girl looks gorgeous and I love the cake!! Your outfit is lovely and you are rocking those shoes--you go girl!!

  18. Wendy celebrated her birthday at that same place earlier in the summer. We had a blast too! Yes I love Fall fashion and could not wait to start rocking my Fall wardrobe.

  19. Everyone looks fabulous. Those shoes are sick BOO!! Love that top too! Kiah

  20. Wow look at those heels! Im FOR SURE I would fall! Cute look :)


  21. I love your outfit! I love the print on your shirt! God bless you for walking in those shoes, I would fall flat on my face lol!

  22. Stunning outfit and I love love the heels!!!

  23. There's nothing like true all look great! Love the shoes!

  24. you ladies look amazing and that cake was beautiful!