Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lucky 7... OOTD!

As mention in my post on yesterday… I wanted to give you all a closer look at my $7 Outfit ~ yessss… you READ that right $7 Outfit!!!! I'm TOTALLY calling it my Lucky 7!!!!

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Ok, so where do I start… Once upon a time  No seriously, though Hubby & I was leaving his doctor’s office and made the decision to stop by Stein Mart  being that there is not one near where we live.  

As ALWAYS we both said: We just gone look!!!! But low and behold I spotted the clearance rack and that was all she wrote!!!! While, browsing the clearance racks this nice lady (My guardian Angel) gave my husband a scratch-off coupon. So, we had no clue how much the coupon was for until we got to the register. As we are checking out the cashier scratched the coupon and SWEET BABY JESUSSSSS… It was for 70% off the total purchase!!!!!  

>>>>insert happy dance<<<<

Ok, so I don’t normally post thesessss many pic’s of my outfit but all these pics were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy III (ok, I’m lying) it’s actually the Samsung Galaxy II *shrugs* BUT heyyyyy the pic’s came out really well being that it was a rather foggy morning!

What I Wore:

Floral Shirt & Color Capris ~ Stein Mart $6.94
Shoes ~ Heavenly Soles
Clutch ~ Gifted
Accessories ~ LA Lynn’s

Yup, it felt like I HIT THE LOTTERY… hence, the name of my post!
Have you ever scored a deal so sweet that you felt like you hit the LOTTO????!!!!!

Note to You: If you have NEVER shopped at Stein Mart  I highly recommend you go… Now is the time to shop those clearance racks ~ STOCK-UP for next Summer!!!!! And, to our dearest coupon Angel I just want to say where ever you are you blessed my husband & I in a major way… It may have been small to you but it was BIG to us and we will pay it forward!!!!  

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion




  1. Very cute and Springalicious;) that was a great deal! Lol
    Tadefully SoSo

  2. You're a ray of sunshine among the low fog.

  3. I would have felt the same way! I love a deal! Cute outfit!

  4. You def hit the jackpot, I <3 these pieces and your yellow accents!!!

  5. I love it diva!! U look so fabulous!!

  6. Girl bye!! $7!??!! I would have busted out in the running man right there in the store!! LOL!

    Very cute outfit Lynn! The colors are eye-catching! Love the shoes too!

  7. I love a good deal!!! Cute outfit and those shoes are fabulous!

  8. Don't just love those coupon angels! We have one that leaves coupons on the soy milk at our Food Lion every so often. I thank God every time because soy milk is expensive. Anyways, love the outfit and the shoes!

  9. You know I love a coupon and I love your Blog!!


  10. Girl that is beyond amazing! I went to Steinmart one time (the one near Perimeter Mall) and I just wasn't impressed with the items or the pricing. But that was about 5 or 6 years ago so I might need to make another trip. That outfit is super cute!!! And even cuter for $7 lol!

  11. Lynn don't tell me that!!! Do you know I stay walking distance from a Steinmart and have never set foot in it? I had no clue what type of store it was so I never went it *hangs my head in shame*. Now on to you in this outfit! Girlllll. You really did hit the lottery! I love the pink and yellow pairing and the shoes and clutch complete the look perfectly. Love it!

    I will be sneaking off to Steinmart in the AM to stalk their clearance racks lol

  12. yellow and fuchsia is so pretty together!

    and wait those are camera phone pics? i'm impressed! and fog?? in georgia? i don't think i've seen that...

  13. Loving the colors on you. So vibrant and elegant. And those shoes and clutch are too cute! Great post and the camera phone too some awesome pics!

  14. LMBO at you 'sweet baby jesus' comment. You so cray!!! You stay running up on a killer sale. I totally neglect my local Stein Mart.....not on purpose, but I will certainly make a stop now ;-)

  15. When I found out at the register I would've been like wait, let me go get some more stuff. $7 I'm happy for you. I loooooove a good deal, especially that one that comes as a surprise when you get to the register!

  16. How lucky is that, Lynn, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    No wonder you have gone all pink and yellow, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    So glad for you. Looking stunning!!!

  17. LOL at the "we just gone look" comment! I'm guilty of saying this all the time and coming out with a bag full of something! LOL! I guess "we just gone look" really means look at it in my closet! LOL!

  18. so lovely Lynn xxx

  19. What? $7.00? That's crazy cheap! I'm hitting the clearance racks myself right now and packing stuff away for next spring...sure hope maxi's make a come back!

  20. Amazing!! Just like I said on Instagram love this look!! Those shoes are everything!!

  21. You definitely hit the jackpot doll. CONGRATS and looking absolutely fabulous.

    <3 Marina