Friday, September 2, 2011

Team Work... Make the Dream Work!

Happy Friday Loves!!!!! I would like to rewind back to my BORN day & BUSINESS Celebration as I never got the opportunity to share the pic’s because when I got the CD back it was blank (long story).

Of course, there were sooo many pictures that I wanted to share so I had to pick and choose the pic’s to share  with my blog buddies!!!!  

"The CAKE masterpiece"

Mr. & Mrs.


My Mom & I

My Bestie Mari

Girlfriends since Middle & High School...

My Cousins & I

Minister Ryan "E-hud" & his Wife Natika came out to support

Bestie Mari had this young lady come out & dedicate a song 2 me!!!!

Say Cheez... :-)

Bestie Paulette & I

Cole (The guy who created my LOGO) & I

Nikka & I
If you missed my feature on Nikka Blog you can check it out here: Oh Nikka

Wobble Baby Wobble...

The BORN Day Queen
My BIGGEST Supporter... Hubbs & I

My event planners... the lovely Charrell & Mari of Beyond Greatness Event Planning 

In lieu of gifts... I requested my family & friends purchase something from LA Lynn's
What I Wore:

Dress: Macy's
Shoes: Tilly's
Accessories: LA Lynn's

 Disclaimer: I am a BORN hustler & I mean that in a good way! I have ALWAYS been in the business... I just officially made it LEGIT! Meaning paperwork is official with the IRS… I remember when I wouldn’t dare utter those words… those (3) three letters alone scare me!!!! With hardwork & dedication I can FACE my FEARS!!!! Anywayz, my husband is known as Hustle man (Real Talk). He was called that prior to me even meeting him. So, now we are known as 
Mr. & Mrs. Hustlers but we refer to ourselves as "The Dream Team"!!!! If it can fit in the trunk of the car I guarantee we sell it!!!! (Legally that is...) If we don't have it we already sold it, or thinking about it, or just don't know about it! Our hustle is for real! lol

Mr & Mrs Hustlers... *MUAH*
We work well together...Team Work; make the Dream Work!!!!  

*Blows Kisses & Wishes all a Safe & Wonderful Long Weekend*


  1. You look GOOORGEOUS!!! Thank you for all the blog support as well!!!

  2. @Tia, thank u & u r most welcome... Likewise, we must support one another!

  3. You. Look. FAB!

    Everything looks so great.. I wish I was there & cupcakes/ cocktails.. YES... Lovely (I had one of these to celebrate one of my 1753799 pairs of shoes I purchased, lol.


  4. Looks like a great night! I love the dress and bag....and the wobble picture...all eyes (color) on you.

  5. I love love! I love the story of you and your husband working hard and working well together. You look fab and that cake was amazing! Glad you enjoyed your special day!!!

  6. You look great on your birthday. You did you thing. You look like you had a great time.

  7. Lynn you look great...and I absolutely adore your cake.


  8. Girl you look incredible!! That fit is the for real!! I need that necklace in my life! LOVE IT! Shoes..check! Makeup..check check! Girl you are all a dat!! What a great event. So glad that your peeps showed you mad love on your "born day"! haha Kiah

  9. love this the necklace its fab:) guess what Im following

  10. You looked fabulous!! Good Luck on all your endeavors!!! You will be fine!!!

  11. You did that Lynn. The dress, the hair, and the shoes were on point. It's great to be in good company!

    BTW, Nikka is such a blast, I love her.

    PS. Cole is cute.

  12. Nice look!

  13. awwwww, so cute! everyone looks like they had a blast...and i like then idea you used instead of gifts...i lovbe your outfit...following

  14. Efie Lynn….you look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    What an AWESOME celebration with beautiful friends and family. A BIG congrats to you business and much continued success!!!! You deserve it all….

    P.S. The cupcakes look delicious!!!

  15. This just made me smile! It looked like you had an amazing time! You looked so happy! Happy bday again darling!

  16. Efie Lynn.. AGAIN, showed women how to celebrate, enjoy life, and showcase her dream with class & dignity. She has surrounded herself with ones that has her best interst at heart. I wish Efie Lynn, nothing but greatness and prosperity. Beyond Greatness did a WONDERFUL job, which was expected..

  17. Hey Lynn!! You looked so beautful girl! I know that's right: "Team work make the dream work"! That's great that you and your husband share the same ambition and pursue your dreams together!! That's a beautiful thang!!

    Congrats on everything!!