Friday, September 9, 2011

Rainy Days

Hey, Hey, Hey… it’s FRIDAY!!!!! And if you are reading this then you SURVIVED the week!!!! Although, it was a short week… it was bittersweet because ATL forecast has NOT been my friend this week.

What do you do when it RAINS???!!!… WE dance in it!!!!  
Okkkkk…. so I didn’t literally dance in the rain but I did go out & make the best of it. I did what any fashionista would do.... 

I threw on my Michael Kors Rain Boots and went shopping!!!! J  

I LOVE these PEARLS they were a gift from my hubby and I can pretty much wear them with anything

We ended up at my fave store... MACY'S!!!! I didn't buy anything for myself but my daughter did get her a few tops

My Oldest Daughter & I - If you look closely you can see we have on the same Hangover II Tee's... she suggested that we wear these to the Mall since she made them when the Movie 1st came out & I had yet to wear it

Any day at Macy's can bring SUNSHINE to a RAINY Day for ME!

What I Wore

MK Rain Boots: Macy's (Gifted)
Skinnies: Macy's (Old)
Pearl Necklace: Donna Karan - (Special Gift from hubby)
Pearl Bracelets: LA Lynn's

Note to Self: I was inspired so much by Corie & Zarna rainy day blog posts that I will be investing in me a new UMBRELLA!!!!

Shout-out to all my followers and a BIG Thank Youuuuu… I greatly appreciate everyone for following and commenting on my blog posts!!!! It means so much to me… I’m sending you ALL a virtual HUG!!!! *MUAH*

~Cheers to a wonderful 'weather' weekend~




  1. Love those boots and shopping makes any day sunny!!!

  2. You look so cute while you traipse about in the rain every now and then I think that I should get some rain boots because they do keep your feet so nice and dry...
    Btw those shirts your daughter made are so rad!

  3. pretty look, check me out and give me your impressions

  4. I'm an odd ball, the rain that we had this week was perfect just like those rain boots that you're sporting.

  5. Love the tees!

  6. I've never owned or even tried on rain boots but those are cute!

    And yes shopping can brigten any day

    Your daughter did a great job!

  7. My gosh, I forget what rain feels/looks like, no joke. Love your MK boots, they are super cute. & I love the Hangover tshirts, cute. Macy*s, LOVE Macy*s!

    xo SARMIN

  8. Lynn this is a great look. The look just works....



  9. Your boots are amazing, lovely blog!

    xHajar & Mounia

  10. Let it rain!!!! If I can wear those rain boots….LOL…I love them!!! Please hand those over...LOL. Those rain boots are sooooo cute and I’m so digging that t-shirt with the pearls. You look awesome! Shopping always makes a rainy day better…

  11. Awww...thanks for the mention!

    Look at how cute you are! You and your daughter are twins! hello!!

    I love the boots. I actually need another pair. I can't find the ones I originally had.

  12. You look gorgeous !! I love Your rain boots! Great blog!! I fallow You! Follow me if you like ;)!

  13. Love the MK boots. I needed a pair the past two weeks here in South Florida. the pears are adorable! I need your daughter to restyle my work tee that we wear on Fridays.

  14. YOUR DAUGHTER!!! How old were you when you had her...two??!! You look great!

  15. Love how you and your daughter are wearing the same shirt, tat's so cute! Sometimes the rain makes me gloomy, but I admire how you're so cheerful and happy with your rainy day accessories!

  16. Nice boots! :)
    if you wan we can follow each others! :)

  17. Loving this that T is awesome x

  18. Don't you look cute in your MK's and your pearls?! Girl I luv it!

    And yes shopping on any occasion always brightens my day. You and your daughter are the cutest -- you guys look like besties/twins instead of mom & daughter!

  19. She made those shirts?! Ka-ute! I'm diggin the tees :-)

  20. those rain boots are fantastic!

  21. I am absolutely LOVIN' those rain boots! Cute Cute Cute!!!