Monday, September 5, 2011

Fashion Favor

 Merry Monday & Happy LABOR Day!!!!

This month "Fashion Favor" spotlight goes to Charrell Banks & Mariana Miley the ladies of Beyond Greatness Event Planning.
I had the pleasure of working with Beyond Greatness as they are the faces behind planning my BORN Day & Business Celebration!!!! I did not want the head & heartache of planning... so I went to them and explained what I wanted and they made it happen while staying within my budget!!!! All I had to do was show-up!!!!

Fashion Favor Q&A’s:
1. When did you ladies 1st discover your favor?

Well for both of us....planning events has always been apart of our life. Whether we were planning for family functions or work. Once we discovered that we both had the love, the passion, and the eye for planning lavish events, we decided to pray on it and allow GOD to order our steps!
2. What made you fast forward your favor and actually move on it?
  • Well for me, I've tried the event planning business once before but the timing wasn't right and things did not fall into place. That was in 2006, and it's always been in my heart to do. And when Mariana came along...I felt is was GOD way of saying, NOW IS THE TIME! ~Charrell~

  • I was working with a nonprofit organization planning different events, but the events where geared towards helping the young. Which I loved being apart of; however, once I met Charrell, I figure why not get paid to do something I'm so passionate about, and continue working with the nonprofit! ~Mariana~

 3. Where did the name Beyond Greatness originate?
I actually had to create a fictional nonprofit organization for school, and I used that name for my assignment. So, when forming the business, I formed a list of names and shared them with my business partner, Mariana, and out of 17 we narrow them down to five, and Beyond Greatness made the top 5! And we thought and talked about it and realized, that's our goal for our provide them with an event that is beyond great!

4. What has been the biggest hiccup?
Trying to market the business...getting out there!

5. What’s the most favorable part of the business?
Bring joy and excitement to our clients...our goal is to create a partnership with our clients, so we can be entrusted to plan every event in the future!

6. What encouraging words and/or advice would you offer someone that is looking to get into event planning?
Pray about it and make sure that, that's GOD will for your life. And when your will line up with his will... it's GOING TO WORK! Stay focus because ALL dreams are reachable!

~Below are just a few pic's that explains why these ladies stand behind their name... Beyond Greatness~

A added touch... columns were decorated & brought in by them

The Set-Up prior to the guest arriving

They even surprise me with a special guest to sing a song to me!

I'm impressed... My face should say it all

Food display... A variety of wings, chicken fingers, fruit & veggie tray

Candy Land Decor & Gift Table

Please be sure to check out Beyond Greatness for all your party needs and to stay afloat of the latest happenings. Schedule them for a consultation for your next event... I'm sure it will be an event to remember!
*** I give them 2 Thumbs UP and highly recommend them ***


  1. U Glamour Gals look pretty! love the make up!
    The table is Fierce....Pink n Black= STATEMENT!
    Hoping you had a Gr8 Holiday...



  2. Thanks IG2S... U know those are my FAVE colors!!!! P!NKTASTIC...

    Hope your holiday was good as well! :D

  3. Cute dress! And I love your hair! Now following you with GFC :)

    Stop by my blog some time at!

  4. Everything looks great, happy belated bday!

  5. You look beautiful. Must be the idea of starting a new year of life (: Looks like you had a wonderful time and everything was to your expectations. Happy Belated Birthday doll.

  6. You looked so beautiful!! I think I told you that on the last post :-)

    The ladies did a wonderful job -- I like the Fashion Favor feature!