Monday, September 12, 2011

Fancy Pants at FNO

Wow... it's Tuesday already... Time sure do FLY by when you are having FUN!!!!! My weekend FUN actually all started on last Thursday…

~WARNING: This POST is picture heavy~

Earlier during the day, I went to Andretti with co-workers. We had a catered lunch at the Sky Bar then went Go-Kart Racing (Shhh… I came in last place) & burnt my arm on the motor – Racing is NOT for me, Rock Climbing, Extreme Rope Course, Bowling, Basketball, and Played Video Games (Pac-Man & Galaga are my Fave) – I did get the high score on Galaga!!!!

Co-worker Arelyn & I
Helmet on -  READY, SET, RACE

My Racing Team... Sharonda, Ridge, Arelyn & I
Considering all the fun that my co-workers were having I actually got a lil light headed and dizzy… I think it all came from eating and then going to play. My body is NOT that same 16 yr old that use to be able to run around and get on Roller Coasters w/o suffering any consequences. With that being said… I had to go home and take a nap before venturing FNO (Fashion Night Out).
Napping only meant… I got a really late start and had NO clue what I was going to wear. I just knew I wanted to be comfortable and my HAIR was all over the place from wearing a helmet and playing earlier that day. So, I had to come up with something extremely quick! I had absolutely NO clue how I was going to survive FNO!!!!
Quick Outfit FIX: Skinnies, Tee, & Booties 

Quick BED HEAD FIX: Pocahontas headband 

Trying to get control of the hair... lol
There were plenty of spots in the ATL that were hosting FNO. However, many locations had guest lists and you had to RSVP so with that in mind I remembered the personal invite I received from my girl Crystal the owner of Crystyles Boutique. Running late & w/ my Bestie in tow we took advantage and hit Crystyles Boutique and boy am I glad we did!!!! The crowd was moderate, great food & spirits served, along with outstanding customer service!!!! The Boutique is very inviting and has a host of astounding fashion finds.

Bestie Mari & I

Crystal (Boutique Owner), Mari, & I

(The Owner) Crystal & I

Yours Truly

Customers getting their EAT on

Natalia Vendor & Owner of Adornments - She has some really unique handmade pieces

A view of the Boutique

The Boutique offers a wide range of Accessories

My Bestie checking out some merchandise

A view of the scenery

Sean works at the Boutique & he is HILARIOUS... He kept us LOL all night - He's the BEST!!!!

Say CHEEZ!!!!!

Sean hard at work...

My Bestie Mari scored a GORGEOUS Sequin Dress


Look what I found... let's hope it FIT! *Fingers Crossed*


Aaayyyyee... The Romper FIT!!!!! *SCORE*

YESSSS... I bought the Romper!!!!!

We had a mini photo shoot w/ Sean


We SHUT the Boutique down... we were actually the last to leave (Tehehehe)

FNO Atlanta at Crystyles Boutique was a superior shopping experience and If you are in the ATLANTA Area please be sure to check out:

Crystyles Boutique
2115 Piedmont Rd. NE
STE. 3106
Atlanta GA 30324
(404) 249-9333

What I Wore:

Glittered Tee & Tank: Macy's  - $14.99 & $4.99
Pocahontas Headband & Wrislet: Macy's - $8.99 & $12.99
Colored skinnies: J C Penney - $17.99
Accessories: LA Lynn's
Leopard Booties: Gifted

P.S. I am entering this post in the EBEW Fancy Pants Challenge… Also, be on the lookout for my next Blog Post as I celebrated the hubby BORN Day over the weekend as well & wore my FIT (pictured aboved) that I purchased from Crystyles Boutique  

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Hey girl...I love the handband. I was thinking I am always out here I have to add you to my blog list.

    Love your blog my friend.



  2. I want to go to andretti! Never been go carting. Looks like yall had a ball for FNO. I am going to have to go by that boutique

  3. can't wait to see the pictures because that romper looked hawt. Sean looks like a lot of fun and so did you and your friends.

  4. yes!!! outfit post with the romper please - too cute!!! lovin those green skinnies too!!!

  5. Very cute... Looks like fun as well


  6. 1st of all you bet not eva...eva eva eva leave me a comment that have me cracking up at work like that again!! YA HEARD ME!! lol I love what you did with the headbands and your pants are bangin! Sean know he wasn't working. He too busy posing to be chosen!! lol Looks like y'all had so much fuN! Kiah

  7. You look soooo pretty!!!! Love your look chick. Your pictures are so hot! Wish my camera hadn't died :-( You can go ahead and ship that romper to me! LOL!

    Twitter - @fashionpad

  8. Oh man Lynn I LOVE the hippie vibe!!!!!! it looks like your FNO was pretty awesome!

  9. Great weekend. Love love love the romper!

  10. Love the head piece...looks like you had a blast! Cute outfit too!


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  15. Hey Lynn!! Looks like FNO was a blast!!! The outfit "quickfix" was perfect for the evening and I luv luv luv that romper you purchased -- can't wait to see the pics for that one!