Thursday, September 22, 2011

SFAM, RED Lipstick & Stiletto’s

Well, I had the pleasure of meeting (2) two of my favorite bloggers - SFAM???!!! And, if you don’t know the duo – SLAP yo’self… lol No, seriously just SLAP yo’self!!!! Anyway, (rolling eyes) I met up with Reiko & Juanette this past Saturday at Gladys Knight Chicken & Waffles.
You should have been in my shoes because I got a chance to met two FIERCE & FLY chica's!!!!

I simple LOVE the way they stand apart from the crowd. When I arrived at GKCW I immediately spotted them… Upon meeting them it was almost like I had known them forever… We talked, we hugged, and shared a few laughs all while waiting in line to be seated for the Famous Chicken & Waffles. To congratulate Reiko on her recent nuptials I came bearing gifts… yes, gifts… I couldn’t bring 1 a gift and NOT the other. After all they are SFAM!!!! J 

SFAM - Juanette (l) & Reiko (r) - shawty in the middle is ME!!!! lol

Throughout the laughter I had an EAR injury w/ blood gushing out like on a horror film but we were so engaged in our convo that I didn’t even realize I had blood drippin’ all down the side of my face!!!! ~GROSS~ I know right – you had to be there to understand… I’m STILL trying to understand myself! :-/

It was very short lived on my behalf do to previous obligations that I had so I didn’t get to acually sit down and have Brunch with them. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the short meet & greet. It was a JOY & HONOR to meet the wonderful ladies behind such wonderful blogs.
Juanette, Antonia, Reiko, (ME) & Cherie

Later that night Hubby & I was invited to a FIGHT Party… I no absolutely nothing about BOXING!!!! All I know is: Mayweather vs some dude!!!! *SHRUGS

~Same FIT just switched it up a bit~ 
The leopard underneath my shirt is actually a mini skirt

Before the RED Lipstick
RED Lipstick... POW!!!!

*These shoes are REALLY comfortable*

Look like I'm 'bout to do a commercial... lol

*I'm addicted to Animal Print*
What I Wore:

Material Girl RED Lips Tee: Macy's $9 (Clearance + Coupon)
Black Skinnies: Forever 21 $10.50
Christian Siriano Jazz Oxfords: Payless $14.99 (w/ coupon)
Red Heel Stiletto's - JustFabulous $39.99
Leopard Skirt: Macy's $4.99 - (clearance rack) 
Accessories: LA Lynn's & Brooke's Closet - (Red Lip earrings)

Disclaimer: I am really NOT that short as I appear in the above pictures, I DO NOT wear lipstick (only gloss) I was being GROWN & I did take a bath and had on clean undies B 4 busting out the house to go to the FIGHT PARTY!

~Cheers to a Wonderful Weekend~

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Maaan I wish I could have met up with you, Reiko & Juanette. I live closer to the Mall of GA than Atlanta that definitely would have been a road trip.

    And look at how cute you look with your ponytail! Like a teen!

    Those heels are also fierce girl!

  2. Great post Lynn. Very cool!

    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes



  3. WERK it Lynn!

    Lovely post & it is GREAT to meet up with fellow bloggers, especially when they are close by..
    Everyone looks lovely


  4. Awwwwwwwwww!!! Thank you so much for the kind words! I enjoyed every bit of your time even though it was short lived!

    I am grateful you think so highly of us because we are mess together!

    You know what's funny...I didn't even blink during your "eargate" because that is SO like what would happen to me!

    PS> I used every piece of your wedding gift to pack properly on the way home! Thank you so much!!!

    and LOL at your disclaimer about changing undies! Hilarious! Digging those shoes!

  5. I am looking forward to meeting bloggers. Glad you had such a great experience despite the blood (ouch!)

    love those shoes too :)

  6. What up Shorty!!…LOL you look super cute in both looks! Those leopard shoes are fierce…love them. You can’t go wrong with animal print. It looks you had a fabulous time meeting the ladies of SFAM!!

  7. OMG Lynn!! You are so tiny! I know Juanette and she is a freaking mess!! We laugh so hard when we are together! Love her. I have got to meet Reiko! You are too sweet to bring gifts. Love those shoes girl and what on earth happened to your ear? That sounds very scary! Girl quit with the disclaimer...I'm dying!! lol Kiah

  8. Ok so Im super jellie right now! I cant wait to get to meet fellow bloggers. I need to hit you up next time im in Georgia. You look cute by the way, love the shoes!

  9. Love those ladies! That awesome that you got to meet them.


  10. You guys look like you had big fun. Those shoes are every single thing. I haven't been to Gladys Chicken and Waffles in quite some time. I need to schedule a trip.

  11. Nice! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time. I can't wait to make it to ATL, I will have to let you know in advance so that we can hang.By the way,loving the shoes :-)

  12. I love that you got to meet up with some other bloggers! and I've always wanted to try chicken & waffles! also really loving the leopard skirt touch!

  13. You are too funny! You look like your are 18 with that hair in a pony. Go girl!

  14. LOL at your disclaimer! You are too funny. Im sorry about your injury, but Im glad you had a lovely time! Its amazing meeting other bloggers. Btw your shoes are fab!!


  15. You are hilarious!!! LOL! I'm glad you guys got a chance to meet. It's so fab to show each other such love. Your shoes are so cute and I am also addicted to animal print...mainly leopard though. I bought some booties that I can't wait to share on my blog.

    Cute look!

  16. yall look to cute..and those oxfords..i want. i love christian..

  17. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. What fabulously styled ladies.


  18. Love your shoes with the kiss on the tshirt to match.

  19. I wish I was in ATL, looks like sooo much fun!
    Those shoes are hott!

  20. You guys look lovely! I love when bloggers meet up! Nice pictures!


  21. Looks like fun!! I have yet to meet other Chicago bloggers! I know they have to exist somewhere here!!

    You look so cute Lynn, I swear you look like a teenager. That was cute to add the leopard mini over the skinnies! Aren't Christian's shoes the cutest?! Luvin the leopard and red!


  23. Your outfit was cute, very clever with the leopard skirt to peek out.

  24. Girl you are silly. Those ladies are the best. I follow both their blogs and Tweets and even though we've never met we do have some good times. I think you should be grown more often and rock some red l/s. It was gorgeous on you. Why don't I think of things like wearing a shirt under a shirt like you did here?

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