Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy BORN Day to our 1st Lady

This post is highly dedicated to our one & only beautiful 1st Lady Michelle Obama!!!!

Michelle Obama Princeton University Graduation Photo

1st Lady Michelle Obama is the true definition of Style & Grace.. In honor of my continued support I joined in on the “Girls with Pearls Event - Happy Birthday Mrs. Obama”  and was very thrilled and pleased to ROCK Pearls today for Mrs. Michelle Obama Birthday!!!!

Over the past few years I have watched her children grow as well as her style. I am PROUD to call her my 1st Lady!!!! She has BRAINS & BEAUTY and her appearance speak CONFIDENCE!!!! She has such an amazing style and I notice that she wear what compliments her body and skin tone. 1st Lady Obama also knows what works for her. I know I’m not by myself but have you ever notice hat 1st Lady Obama wears high end pieces at a low cost???!!! I’ve seen her rock dresses from ASOS to sweaters from J. Crew! ~Gotta LOVE a woman who can be stylish & shop on a budget!

Oh yeah, did I mention that this post was picture heavy???!!! Welp, it is… I mean come on this is the 1st Lady we are talking about here!!!! There were soooo many pictures on the internet that I wanted to include in this post but didn’t have the time or room so I think I narrowed it down as much as possible.

  If pictures could talk these would speak VOLUMES!!!!!

She has graced the cover of many magazines, talk shows, schools and youth programs that her name has become a household name.

I embrace change and LOVE the fact that this is our 1st FAMILY!!!!

*** If you wore Pearls today please be sure to let me know ***

None of the images of Michelle Obama belong to me personally they are courtesy of Google.

At any rate, the pictures of me are mine & were taken with the camera phone this am

 Note to You: These are strictly my views, thoughts, and my very own opinions…  I was not threaten in any kind of way nor was I paid in any form of cash or monetary gifts to state these opinions.

 If you do not agree with my opinions… I can highly RESPECT that but PLEASE keep in mind to refrain from posting any negative comments and/or sly remarks as they will be removed!!!!

~ Let’s keep this blog clean & continue to PLAY NICE ~

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. The Michelle Obama comment went in the wrong section but Happy Birthday to her lol.

  2. The pic of her sitting in the aqua dress with the navy shawl: ABSOLUTELY STUNNING...

  3. I love your post. Unfortunately, I didn't rock any pearls--I was meaning to but totally forgot. I also loved your outfit, that top is gorgeous.

  4. Great post on a FAB lady & of course.. I rocked my pearls as well...


  5. The picture of her in the blue all fancy and dressed up is STUNNING! Love Michelle! She is so fly! Kiah

  6. don't you just love her?

    looking good in those pearls...

  7. Beautiful post.. And you look ,overly in your pearls :).. I have to agree our 1st Lady is the most classy and stylish lady and I admire her in every way!

  8. Michelle Obama is totally inspiring. Her style is quite conservative, yet SUPER CHIC!! I wish I would've known about it sooner, I would've rocked my pearls too.

    You look nice with yours!


  9. You look gorgeous in your pearls, and Happy B-Day to the 1st lady.


  10. I also wore a necklace with pearls and amethysts yesterday, because of your post! Their daughters are so beautiful and sweet!
    She looks amazing on her graduation day! (And other days too, of course!)

  11. I just adore Mrs. Obama and I really enjoyed this post! You look fab sistagirl in your pearls!


  12. Great post....you selected the perfect photos of our beautiful First Lady!
    ....and you are rocking dem pearls. Love the top.

  13. Michelle O. is Fabulous!!! Great post! Love your outfit. Very Classy!


  14. your outfit is great. I love blacka dn white and the pearls are a very nice touch!