Monday, January 16, 2012


I hope everyone had a great weekend… As for me, my weekend was filled with lots of laughter and R & R!!!!! The hubby & I stayed at the cabins in the GA Mountains for our annual couples retreat and this year was by far the largest group of lovebirds to ever go… we had a total of 20 couples!!!! (Pics coming soon)

At any rate, I’m overwhelmed by all the LOVE I see on Twitter & Facebook for MLK Day! It’s great to see everyone posting pictures and quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes but what good is it if they don’t LIVE by the quotes daily??!!!

Let’s NOT just live the dream (1) one day out of a year… let’s keep the dream ALIVE & live it every single day!

The answer to the world problems can be solved by LOVE
Folks need to start loving more and stop focusing some much on HATE!

 ~ Let’s try and LOVE more ~

Speaking of LOVE... Tika over at Spoon Full of Sugar showed me some LOVE by tagging me in her post and I had to answer the following ???
(Answers are in RED)

1. Where did you grow up? Born In Macon, GA – Raised in SWAT (Southwest Atlanta)
2. Have you ever travelled outside of the country? – Mexico and I’ve also been to Puerto Rico but they consider that as a part of the US!
3. What is style to you? Individuality – ME being ME
4. How has your style changed over the past few years? I don’t own as many Tennis Shoes
5. What is your greatest accomplishment? Every day I wake up I consider an accomplishment…
6. What/who makes you smile? The Works of God, My Hubby & My Girls
7. Do you have a piece of clothing that you refuse to give up or throw away? Yep, I sure do!
8. Who is your greatest influence? My Mom – she’s my Shero!
9. What size shoe do you wear? 9
10. Who's the most famous person you've ever met? Hmmm… I never been real big on Famous Folks – I gotta think about that one
11. What's your favorite meal to prepare? Spaghetti – It’s Quick & Easy!

Lastly, I would like to extend the invitation for you to please join me in wearing Pearls tomorrow in honor of our 1st Lady Michelle Obama’s Birthday… If you plan on wearing pearls and do a blog post about it please be sure to link back to my blog as I would LOVE for you to join me in celebrating the “Girls with Pearls Event - Happy Birthday Mrs. Obama” 

*** Pretty Girls wear Pearls ***

Note to You: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Beautiful Post. I always say black folks shouldn't work on MLK day. I'm going to look up some of his quotes. Thanks for this post.

  2. Such a lovely post! Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog and very sorry for taking me so long to answer! I read your blog last week, loved it, and I was on a hurry, didn't leave any comment.
    I left to comment when I had a special moment, like now, otherwise I am in a hurry, preparing my trip back to the UK (soon)!
    You said you didn't see bloglovin' or googlefriend... I don't have. First, googlefriend will be cancelled in March, so, I didn't join. But I do post everyday, so I can come snd check out your blog and you can do the same with mine, if you want!
    It's really nice, everything MLK said. I wrote a post about love today, but I didn't connect to him... I should have done that...
    Well, to apologize and because I find she is amazing, I will wear pearls tomorrow, I promise!

  3. I love this post gorgeous very informative. I love the idea of wearing pearls. Great photos doll.

    <3 Marina

  4. This is a beautiful post!


  5. Great post!!!

  6. Beautiful post. What a great way to honor Dr. King & our First Lady. And thanks for participating in the tag!!

  7. The First Lady is the bomb love her! Very pretty and happy birthday to her!