Thursday, January 26, 2012

I’m Addicted!

Aaaayyyyeee… I’m just stopping by for a QUICK POST to let you all know that I’m now on Pinterest – So, if you enjoy PINNING as much as I do!!!! JOIN ME!!!!  

Actually, I thought about this post just a few tweets ago!!!! Kiah of "From the Rez to the City" mention me: @LALynns I think you may be a new @Pinterest junkie! LOL

The 1st STEP of RECOVERY is admitting that you have a PROBLEM!!!!

Ok, Houston (AMERICA)… We have a PROBLEM!

My PINS are within the same concept as my blog… Although, I spend a great deal on Pinterest I don’t PIN everything in sight (I wish I could) But as a LOVER of ART & COLOR I enjoy looking at the pictures and I’ve seen so many inspirations.

Here are a few of my latest PINS!


I think my Pinning Board for "Nail Inspirations" is my FAVE!

"The Decor"

Fashion Forward

Last but NOT least... I have a LOVE for QUOTES!

All images were via Pinterest 

NOTE TO YOU: I don’t need for ANYMORE new apps, sites, or ANYTHING related to technology to surface because I seem to get slightly addicted… Yup, Imma Internet Junkie!!!! Am I along??? Is there a cure for this??? When are these addictions going to STOP???!!!! LOL!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. No, ma'am you are NOT alone! I just told my husband the other night that I think I am going to have to take a hiatus from it all! Ooooh, but I so love the nail inspiration. I started doing my own funky nails and I love it. Ideas are limitless!

    With Class & Sass

  2. I in agreement with both of you.. I'm addicted to Pinning TOO LOL.. what's your pin name so I can fiend you both??

    Mine is Toni Carr

  3. Lol I love pinterest as well! My sister is the queen I think. Not only does she pin up a storm but she actually tries the the crafts, foods, ect that she pins!

  4. LOL...I just started pinning to and I haven't talked about it yet because I wanted to get my boards up. But now that you mentioned it I will find you. It is addictive!


  5. haha LOVE IT! I love Pinterest too! I have my moments when I can stay on there for hours and then I don't go back for months! lol It really is super fun! Kiah

  6. Who is not addicted to the best thing on earth. I go on their once a day....ok sometimes 3 times per day but whose counting.

  7. I love the nails. I need to pin those.

  8. I'm patiently waiting on my membership approval. Can't wait to start pinning!

  9. I've never heard of Pinterest. I'll have to see what its all about. My addiction is use to be Tumblr.

  10. It's so funny you mention Pinterest, because I too have become addicted! And I promise you sneaked up on me unexpectedly. At first I join just to jump on the bandwagon and all of my bloggy friends were doing it....Now I'm hooked! Sigh! Welcome!

  11. Lovin the nail art!!!! If I had more time on my hands I would mosey on over to Pinterest and get pinning... Until then, I’ll just browse others pins =) Which is so addicting...

  12. Love the quotes. I haven't gotten into pinterest yet. But I may need to take a peek at it.

  13. grrrr you have me wanting to get on pinterest but I refuse. I have enough... argghhhh but you really have me tempted!


  14. I love pinning too... (and it helps that it's not blocked at work). I get to pin all day long. LOL.

    I'm guilty of pinning everything in sight.

  15. wow! those nails are art :)