Monday, February 20, 2012

Bowtie, Leopard, & Boy Jeans

Happy Monday Blog Buddies!!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as for MOI – Hubby & I along with another couple (our friends) went to Chateau Élan for a Romantic Getaway Weekend and we had an awesomely great time.
{Below is just a sneak peak... More Pics will be posted soon}

At any rate… I’m in a SUPA DUPA X-CITED mood!!!! I have WON not (1) one but (2) TWO blog giveaways this month… I would like to thank (Whitney) k/a Nic over at: Nic's-Picks & Julie over at: Pop Champagne for hosting such great giveaways!!!! Thank you ladies… I thoroughly enjoy reading both of your blogs and just might be slightly considered a blog “stalker” lol

Soooo… today I am sharing an outfit that I wore the other day… It’s just a lil something I put together at the last minute. Hubby always try and make a FUSS about me ironing and getting my clothes together the night before but I NEVER do because my style change so often that I NEVER know what mood I’m going to be in when I wake up!

 What I Wore:
Boy Jeans: Old Navy  
Leopard Blouse: Macy's {old}
Brown Sweater Vest: NY & CO. {old}
Red Bowtie: Belt Buckle {old}
Leopard Flats: Payless
Earrings: LA Lynn's

BTW, Nic tagged me a few post back… here are the answers to my TAGGED ????

Your dream vacation? Hawaii, Paris, Africa
Where are you from/Where do you live? Born in Macon, GA – Reside in Atlanta, GA ~A TRUE Southern Gal
Any pets? Yes – A dog name Dolla
How many siblings? 1 – Older Brother name Michael
Top 3 closer Must Haves? Earrings, Lip Gloss, & Vaseline
Favorite designer? Hmmm… Never been much of a designer WHORE... if I like it; I buy it - But Michael Kors is on point!
How long have you been blogging? Less than a year
What is your favorite season? Spring – Not too HOT & not too COLD
Would you spend your last dime on shoes, or clothes?
Heels or flats? Shoes… as long as they are comfy
What's your zodiac sign? LEO – Lioness: “The Queen”

Note to You: I pick out what I am going to wear on the day of depending on what type of mood I’m in and when planning ahead for a special date night, GNO, Concert or etc. I typically buy (2) two outfits so I can have a multiple choice and won’t be married to just one outfit. Because at the time of planning I may have felt a skirt was suitable then on the day of the event I may want to switch it up to pants/jeans so I like having CHOICES. Do your mood determine your outfit? Do you prepare your outfit(s) the night before or the day of???

~Until next time…

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. How cute are you??!?! Love the top, bow-tie and the shoes!!

    Sometimes I get my outfits ready for the week for work and end up switching them all around and mixing the pieces up depending on the mood I'm in when I wake up. Mood is definitely a factor with my outfits.

  2. This outfit is too cute; I love it!!! And thanks for the blog stalking, I mean love, lol ;) And what do you know....I'm Leo too!! (8.11) Whoop whoop!!


  3. cute and cool , totally loving it!!!

  4. The bow ties set this look OFF!!! You are looking so stylish and chic! LOVES!

  5. Yes yes, love Michael Kors! I'm loving the Bowie and the flats are too cute!

  6. I love the bow tie on your shores and the neck tie! Such a fun look that you pull off effortlessly, I have never worn a bow tie, I may just have to try it, you look so cool and comfy, that's too funny about not being able to stick to a planned outfit, girl I plan outfits out put them together with shoes ans accessories, and still have anxiety everyday about what to wear lol.


  7. great look!!! Ive been winning too we are some lucky gals!!

  8. Love you flats and the red bow details! Cute blouse dear!


  9. Loving your red bow, and gorgeous hair.
    Much love, dear Lynn.

  10. Girl we have so much in common. One we both can dress, you look great in this outfit, i love the bow tie. two we live in the ATL and three we both have beautiful smile and gaps!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your fashion its so simple but it looks amazing.

    You have a new follower!!!

    Kami from

  11. You look so cute here! I'm lovin' the bow tie!

    I usually get dressed based on the mood I'm in. But considering I have to be at work bright and early...I get my clothes ready for the week on Sunday. I do change up some on the day I'm getting dressed.

  12. This outfit is baddd! Tell hubby for creations like this ya gotta be spontaneous from time to time. Beautiful darling ;)