Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bikini Anyone???

Earlier today, I went to the Mall to pick up my contact lenses (No shopping allowed). I told myself… SELF: U R NOT going to do any shopping… U R only here for one thing and one thing only! If you go into a store you can only L@@K!
I mean who can really go into the Mall w/o even l@@king? Right?
So while at the MALL browsing… I come across a RACK of Swimsuits!!!!

Taken with my Android

That little rack of Swimsuits was only a teaser – seeing those swimsuits only made me crave for more! So, once I got to the PC I started searching Swimsuits… here are some of my FAVES!

If you don't do Bikini's... you can opt for a Tankini

 If you are still NOT feeling it... go for a CLASSY but SEXY one piece

Don't forget about your Beach Cover-up... *added touch*

Picture Source: Victoria's – but don’t sleep on Macy's they have some really cute styles too… I just didn’t want to overwhelm y’all with pics!!!! 

Oh & before I go… I wanted to share this picture that was sent to me by one of my accessory vendors. I was told this was a HOT ITEM & a BEST SELLER!!!! If you know where they are wearing this at please let me know!

I posted the pic on my Facebook page cause I needed more explanation as to why & where can you wear this too? It look like it hurts… OUCH!!!!

 I have ROCKED a few bikini's in the past but I've kind of shy away from them but this year I think I’mma work on these ABS & get myself a BIKINI!!!!

Do you prefer 2 piece or 1 pc Swimsuit and why???!!!
Note to You: Don’t allow other opinions to clout your judgment!!!!
If you want it… FLAUNT IT!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. I love the first black one at the top. The last time I wore a bikini was back in 2004 before I had kids....I don't think I will ever fit one again but I do love the covers for them.

  2. These are great suits but I can't wear them...major fail! I wish though. I prefer a tankini and a pretty cover up.


  3. ugh this post just tells me these winter pounds have to go. Swimsuits here I come!!!

  4. Yeah girl I went to target and was like what? already lol but yeah those first two you posted sooooo hot!!

  5. LOL @ the "hot item". Where are people wearing that? The other suits are cool.


  6. haha - I am curious what the "hot item" looks like in the back.

    The cover-ups are so beautiful! I would love tho wear them in the city :))))


  7. I need to go get one for the Spa next week. I don't even own a bathing suit. I haven't been in one in YEARS!

  8. I have worn a bikini in 1000 years. It's my goal to get swimsuit ready at least. I need a few for the upcoming vacations.

  9. The last time I wore a bikini was.. Ummm.. well.. give me a minute now.. Hmmm.. did I ever?! The last one looks painful I agree

  10. I LOVE the stirped bikini( the first picture)

  11. I am so not beach ready lol but I still love swimming and cute swim suits.

    Editor & Chic

  12. I've been looking at swimsuits myself but i am NOT bikini body ready yet lol.

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