Thursday, February 9, 2012


That's right... POW!!!!
Whew… MOI blogging (3) three days in a row!!!! Yayyy… patting my dayyuum self on the back!!!!
I tell ya… blogging ain’t for wimps!!!! *Fist Pump*

Now that I have that out the way I wanted to share a few pics from a few weeks back in the earlier part of January... I took my Mom to her favorite restaurant “Olive Garden” – But before going to eat My girls and I ventured our local Thrift Store

My oldest daugter is a PRO at Thrifting

She got a JOB... she can pay for her own stuff! *whoop, whoop*


Sneak Peek of some of my picks

My Girls & I *ALL SMILES*

Me & My Bag of Goodies
My eldest & I (she loves thrifting)
Me & My Babies...

I will share what was in the bags in another post later! :-)

Arrived at Olive Garden... waiting for the rest of the party
The Bestie & I

The Lady of the HOUR! *My Mom*

My Mom & her Bestie Samita

Strawberry-Mango Limonata <--- This was on POINT!!!!

Chicken Parmigiana 

The LOVE of my Life

All in the FAMILY!!!! My husband was the only male there so he played the role of the photographer... can't you tell!!!! lol

 Entire Outfit: Short Set Jumper, Sweater, Gray Tights is all compliments of Macy's
UGG BOOTS (gifted)

NOTE TO YOU: My Mom is my best friend... she is my EVERYTHING!!!! There is NOTHING I wouldn't do for her. I just hope I can be half the MOM to my girls as she is to ME!!!! Words are NOT enough to describe how much I LOVE HER!!!!
If you are blessed to still have your MOM in your life... please give her her flowers now.
God couldn't be everywhere so he made Mothers!!!!
Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. Love it. Yes cherish your mom their is nothing like a mother. You all look alike one thing I wished I did before my mom passed was take a real picture with her and my son together.

  2. Lovely family! I feel the same way about my mother. What a woman that chick is! She is strong, God-fearing, loving, and hilarious!!! Your gray and black ensemble is so cute.

  3. Great post.. my mom is my best friend too...

  4. My mom is the est too =) I'm so thankful that God has given both of us wonderful mothers they are gift from the Lord.
    Thrifting is so much fun! It looks like you and your girls found tons of goodies I can't wait to see what you got =)

  5. It really looks like you guys had a blast! Don't u just love thrifting! My daughter is the same way. She loves it. As a matter of fact, you looking like one of the teenagers. Go head with your bad self! Love the outfit!

  6. Love all the mommy/daughter bonding! I feel the exact same way about my mom.

  7. You and your daughters look like sisters!! I love the outfit you are wearing its super cute.
    Isnt it lovely when moms are around...I wish I could see mine more. But at times Im happy to have the distance cause she can work a nerve lol. Its true, mothers can never be replaced. Im so thankful for mine.

  8. Yeah, I gotta get my lazy self off the couch one of these weekends and go thrifting! I bet you found some cool deals with that big bag :) And yeah for your daughter spending her own money hehehe! I got the iPhone purely for instagram btw! I'm slowly liking the phone. LOVE instagram though ;) Have a great weekend!!

  9. I love your post! I agree with Cherrie J that you and your girls look like sisters. And how tall is the youngest one?!

    I can't thrift worth a dime but I try & go anyway. Sometimes I get really lucky.

  10. Aww this was such a beautiful post! You girls are all so lucky to have each other - looks like you have a lot of fun together! A lot like the girls in our family! :)

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  11. You and your family look amazing. Lovely pictures.

  12. dying over the strawberry-mango limonata

  13. Oh, Lynn, you are going to make me cry. I am so close to my mom that I can't even start describing it. I talk to her every day, few times a day even though she is in Bulgaria. I am so happy for you.