Monday, February 6, 2012

Brownie... OOTD

Soooo… today I came to the conclusion that I am a PART-TIME BLOGGER!!!! Yup, that’s me!!!!

Oops, I forgot to say… HELLO to my BLOGGIES!!!! See that’s what PART-TIMERS do… (Tehehehe). At any rate, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This is going to be REALLY quick post because I have a post office run and I have to go meet a few folks with their accessories order.

Today I shopped my closet and wore this brown dress and just accented it with a few of my accessory pieces.

These pictures were taken this morning with the camera phone… BTW, my neighbors were staring this morning when I was taking these pictures. I'm sure they wanna know what's going on... HA! HA!

Brown Dress: Macy's (old) 
Brown Boots: JC Penney 
Purse: (totally forgot) old
Accessories: LA Lynn's

NOTE TO YOU: Kudo’s to the FULL TIME BLOGGERS whether you BLOG for FUN or FUNDS… I take my earrings off to you because you have to wear your BIG GIRL PANTIES to Blog every day!!!!

“IF BLOGGING was a FULL TIME JOB for me… I would have been FIRED laid off!!!! Thank GOD for Hobbies”

Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. WERK Lynn... I like.. Very cute & classy


  2. Once again you look fab! I love wearing neutral colors, like brown, and jazzing them up with colorful accessories. The orange purse makes your brown dress pop!

  3. Alright now you look nice. Love the purse.

  4. You look amazing girl! I love love love that dress and that scarf!! Super cute orange accents! Kiah

  5. btw - The hair = BOW CHICA WOW WOW!! lol

  6. I know that is right Lynn! BGB's are truly needed to Blog. I like the outfit... See what happens when we shop the closet;). ~ Timmi of IStyle

  7. Totally with you as a part time blogger too, I admire all those who can do it!

    Loving your dress and hair you look spectacular and your accessories are perfect!

  8. You look gorgeous! Loving your accessories!

  9. love the dress and the accessories are gorgeous great look!!

  10. Love the jewelry! You look beautiful! - Rhoda

  11. Always wonderful Lynn, and I just adore you hair and that orange bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. You look gorgeous!
    Love that dress!

    I just started to follow you with GFC!
    Hope you'll follow me back :)

    xoxo, Oana

  13. You look great! We have our moments. I didn't have access to a computer for weeks. *shrugs shoulder* Glad to see you back. : )

  14. love love love your outfit

  15. Dontcha just love it when the neighbors stare! At least mine asked for my card since they had no idea what a fashion blog is...ah well...

    Loving the dress and scarf! Effortless and comfy!

  16. Lol at "big girl panties"! You are so funny! You look great! And I love the scarf. My neighbors do the sameeeee thing! Nosy people get on my nerves lol.


  17. You look awesome! I love that necklace. I think I blog part-time. Full time bloggers usually blog 2-3 times a day!! how crazy!

  18. You look fab doll! I am lightweight mad that your purse is old (I was definitely going to ask where you got it), LOL! The whole ensemble is styled perfectly!

    With Class & Sass,

  19. Blogging is definitely hard work! I've finding my schedule is getting busier and busier! lol @ earrings off. hehe

    Love your look and you know I love that scarf!

  20. Too funny...super cute Brownie!

  21. You look lovely hunni! It's okay to be a part-time blogger. I don't know how I manage to do it daily. I do LOVE fashion and sharing so it's pretty much an outlet for me.

    Love that scarf and those boots work fabulously with your lovely dress!

  22. oooh i like your leopard scarf! haha i bet the neighbors were curious!

  23. Cute post! Nicely put together outfit! I love those orange accessories with the leopard accessories. Very nice way to accessorize a brown dress!

    Also, thanks for checking out my blog, You Like It? I Made It!, and for following me. I am now following you too and look forward to seeing you latest accessories!

  24. Ok, I did try blogging every day this week and by Wednesday I was off. Starting from tomorrow, I am making another attempt.

    On a more positive note, you look fabulous in your LBD. I realize now there are many versions of LBD.