Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Tails... SALUTE!

A few Sundays ago I had the pleasure & enjoyment of taking my girls to see Red Tails and all I have to say is… if you STILL haven't had a chance to see this movie you need to go and see it because you are in for a major treat!

Sneak Peek Pic - I posted on Twitter & Facebook prior to this blog post

But before going to the movies – my oldest daughter wanted to stop by the Local Thrift Store but to our surprise they were CLOSED so as we are going about our MERRY WAY… we happen to pass by a newly built Goodwill in the area so we ventured inside:

I had my EyEs on this GREEN Blazer!!!!
The color was FAB but I think it made me look like an ELF. 0[^_^]0

Ok... so now to the actually OOTD! (Well, not today but on that day) lol

 What I wore:
Red Tie: Ebay
Red Shorts: Thrifted
White Blouse: Ross
Shoes: Ross
Earrings: Gifted

SALUTE to our HEROS – Past & Present!!!!

Tuskegee Airmen 

Speaking of HEROS - I would like to send my deepest condolences to the WORLD'S GREATEST SHERO & VOCALIST...
Whitney Houston!!!!

Note to You: Let's remember Whitney Houston accomplishments and NOT her struggles as she touched many with her VOICE* May her memories continue to LIVE ON through her MUSIC!!!! 

SN: I had a contest going on my Facebook page & I would personally like to thank everyone who tried tweeting me & texting to WIN… However, the rules stated to post on my Facebook wall. Sorry, Better luck next time. At any rate Congrats to FB winner Rhonda!!!!
Peace, Love, & Fashion



  1. love the bow! and what a great blazer!!!


    ps i have YET to have that movie so it is a must see!! i have heard great things!

  2. Love the red bow tie. This look is so nerdy chic! RIP Whitney. She will def be missed.


  3. Love it!!!!!! This is tooo cute!

  4. Looking lovely Lynn =) I love that bow it's perfect and the red and white with the brogues is just perfect!

  5. The bow is just darling!!!

    Whitney's passing is just so tragic. I just can't believe it! Such talent :(

  6. You are seriously rocking that bowtie and those glasses sistah! Love it!

    Truly missing a legendary pop vocal artist with one-of-a-kind, God-given talent. R.I.P. Whitney. You're singing in God's choir now.

  7. OMG that bow tie is super cute! Girl I love you in those glasses. I SEE YOU BOO!! The green should have bought it! Not for this outfit but most def for another! Kiah

  8. You are rocking those shorts! That bow is HOT! I don't think I would put on the blazer till Christmas! LOL

  9. Look at you looking cute!!!! I still need to see this movie!!!!!! Oh it was good seeing you yesterday too!!!

  10. Are those the shoes you tweeted about??? Super cute!

  11. Aww you look too cute in this outfit! I need that bow in my life! Im with you, the look is better with out the green jacket ;)! I have yet to see Red Tails but Im dying to see it!!!

  12. Alright now love the red bow.

  13. I do agree with you about Whitney Houston. Who are we to judge.
    Love your wonderful hair, new look and bigger photos

  14. the red bow is so eye popping and totally go with the shorts! so cute!

  15. You look cute! I haven't seen Red Tails yet, but heard it is amazing. I plan to see it soon. I am still deeply saddened by the passing of Whitney. Her music has touched every part of my life. Most of her songs have some pivotal moment in my life attached to them.

  16. Love that tie gimmie it ok lol

  17. love that bow..
    and may her soul rest in peace x

  18. So cute and fun! I'm ashamed to admit I haven't seen Red Tails yet....but I know I will definitely support it. Whitney will truly be missed. I loved that woman and I am so sad to hear of her untimely passing. I pray that God blesses her family and friends.

  19. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!

  20. Awww you look cute!! love the bow! I still haven't seen red tails. I need to go and see it!


  21. so cute and preppy. Love the bow tie!!

  22. LYNN!!! Loving this look doll, and that green obviously something I would love...haha I also love that bracelet you are wearing with all the colors...thrifted too?