Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Tradition & Black Friday Recap

If you got out in the Black Friday rush and survived be Thankful!!!!

This is what Walmart looked like when I was there around 10 pm Thanksgiving Night
I get caught up in the rat race every year it’s sooo much FUN and it ALWAYS get me in the Christmas Spirit! Only difference is this year I was not pressed for anything I just went for the fun but got some good deals while out there.

Friends: Paulette, Tracie & I 
The key to Black Friday Shopping: Shop with Family or Friends; have them stand in line while you shop or vice versa! 

 Did you go Black Friday Shopping? If so, did you score any deals?

As for Thanksgiving I hope you all enjoyed it. Because I went innnn *literally* lol

Good Bread; Good Meat... Thank you LORD let's EAT! 
My Family has a Thanksgiving tradition after we EAT we put on a Talent Show and perform different talents/acts… whatever your heart desire then that’s what you do. We have been doing this since I can remember and we all live for this tradition each year… waiting to see who is going to be who.
This year my solo act was Erykah Badu ~ Bag Lady

Me as Bag Lady...

I also did a New Era En Vogue with my cousins by my side

performing En Vogue ~ Hold On

Yeah we know there are 4 Ladies in the actual group but like I said: We were the New Era En Vogue.

Tara, Joy, & I as the New Era En Vogue... lol

Here are a few of the ACTS that were performed by my Family Members…

Ashford & Simpson... lol

My Nephew Mike stepped... *YEEK*

My darling cousins Savannah & Rene gave us 3 Musical Selections on their instruments
My cousin Joy performing... En Vogue ~ "Giving him something he can feel"

My Cousin Dana perfoming... Bill Withers ~ "I Love You Dawn"

My Diva Cousin Joy performing... Diana Ross ~ "No Mountain"
My lil couisn Jada & Niece Leaka performing... Beyonce ~ "Single Ladies"

My Cousin Dana performing... Miquel ~ "Adorn"

I wasn’t able to capture all of the ACTS because I was in the back dressing room on parts of the show so I will have to wait for those pictures to come in from other family members.

My Girls & I - O, and they song a song by "The Fray"

I'm very blessed & thankful to have such a loving Family and spending time with them is PRICELESS!!!! 

~Cheers to another successful Terrell Family Talent Show… Every year it gets BIGGER & BETTER!!!!

Note to You: Making memories is what spending time with family is all about. Do your family have any traditions that you just LOVE? Please share...

~Until Next Time

Peace, Love, & Fashion Memories  




  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! That's what Im talking about! there's nothing like fun times with family and friends during the holidays!

  2. Love the tradition it's nice to do something different for the holidays. Hope you got some great deals

    1. I sure did! Even better since I wasn't really even pressed for nothing! Lol!

  3. First thing first-that talent showcase!!! Laughing all awhile looking at those pictures, looks like your family had a blast. What a great tradition.
    The food table looked delicious all the meats with the fixings, Yummy!!

    Got to love the Black Friday madness and as usual it lives up to its name!!

    1. Hahaha... Girl yes!!!! My family is too funny!!!! Black Friday is definite just that!!! :-)

  4. Sounds like y'all had a ball!! I got a couple of good deals went and did Christmas shopping for the girls

    1. Yes, we did... I love it! That's awesome you were able to get some deals for the girls!!!! Yayyyy!!!!

  5. You all look like you had so much fun!!!

    With Love,

    1. Family Fun Times!!!! Yearly tradition that the entire family look forward to!

  6. Oh okay! I see next year, I need to come of your house for know I think I'm the 5th member of En Vogue! LOL!!!!

  7. What a super awesome tradition boo!!! I LOVE it! I laughed and ate and laughed all weekend long with my family. Thanksgiving is way more special to me than Christmas...hands down! I stayed away from the madness of Black Friday!

  8. This is a super cool tradition! Lynn, this post just gave me life! We used to have mini talent shows around Christmas time when I was a kid, but somewhere along the way we stopped. Thanks for reminding me of how fun spending time with family and continuing traditions can be! I might have to bring this one back with my tribe, girl! And I'm gonna perform my favorite song "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" lol.

    Great post, hunti! =)

  9. Miguel tho!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. Family time is so important and I think we forget that sometimes.

  10. It seems like you all had a blast. I want some of those foods ;)